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Bewitched is Now Out!

Bewitched , the first book in my new paranormal romance series, is out now! You can find it here !   For someone who is supposedly good with words, I don’t really have any to adequately describe how I feel right now. It’s been five years since I started a new series, so this feels oddly momentous. I began writing Bewitched  as a sort of palate cleanser between my Four Horsemen books, which were dark, heavy, and—many times—bleak. My first love has always been paranormal romances, so writing this book was like returning to the heart of what I loved about reading and writing—falling into a world of magic and ancient curses and, most of all, love. As soon as my Four Horsemen series finished, I was drawn right back into the story of Selene, a witch who suffers from magical memory loss, and Memnon, the ancient warlord Selene accidentally awoke from deathless sleep.   Bewitched is the first book of a planned trilogy. There will also be two additional novellas (books that are about half the