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Bewitched Pre-Order, Release Date, and Teaser

  I’m so excited to announce that Bewitched , the first book in my upcoming paranormal romance series, will be coming April 18, 2023! Even more exciting, you can pre-order it here ! Below is the new and improved description (I had help) as well as a teaser! *** *** For months I’ve been saying that Bewitched would release winter of this year, and when I made those announcements, I was slated to have it out around the holiday season. However, since then I signed over the series’ print rights to Bloom Publishing, a decision I’m SO thrilled about. My being with Bloom means that you’ll be able to find Bewitched in more bookstores, and it also means the book will be more polished than it might otherwise have been, and the physical copies will have professional touches that some of my previous indie books might’ve lacked. It also means—and this is a big one for me—that my schedule will be more reliable. I’m a hot mess of a human. I don’t say that to be cute—I really will accidently let all

Famine's Homecoming is Available to Read for Free

TL;DR For all of you Four Horsemen fans, if you haven't read my short story, "Famine's Homecoming," yet, you can read a bit of it below, and the full story will be in my next newsletter. You can subscribe to my mailing list  here .  Okay, here's the long version. At the beginning of the year I wrote a short story from my Four Horsemen world for The Nightingale Anthology for Ukraine . The anthology has since dissolved, and ever since I've been sitting on that story. Or at least I have until now. I'm going to be sending out "Famine's Homecoming" in my next newsletter, so if you're interested in reading it, but are not a subscriber, you can join here .  If you see this after I've sent out the newsletter, never fear! I will add the link to it to my newsletter's confirmation email, so you'll be able to access it there! If you want a sneak peek of the story itself, I've added a small portion of it below. Oh, and just a heads u