Death (The Four Horsemen #4) is NOW OUT!

***EDITED TO ADD: The paperback version of Death (The Four Horsemen #4) is now available! You can find it here:

I am so excited to finally get to announce that Death (The Four Horsemen #4) is out now! You can order it here

This is kind of an unbelievable day for me. I mean, this isn’t the first time I’ve closed out a series, but this has essentially been the only series I’ve worked on for the last four years, so it feels like a graduation of sorts. So bittersweet. The Four Horsemen series has walked with me during some really intense seasons of my life—deaths and births and all of the beautiful messy days in between. 

At the end of it all, I want to thank you, the reader. This is the fourth book in my series, so if you’ve stuck around to read it, it means you’ve invested in these characters as well. They might’ve even gotten you through some high and low times in your life (which is so wild to me, and I am honored to share a tiny space in your life). It was and is your enthusiasm that has allowed me to even make these books. I don’t do much to market my novels (with the exception of my social media posts), so this series’ success is almost entirely due to readers like you who read my books and tell your friends about them.

Alright, I’m going to try to stop being sappy. Important info that you might like to know: One, the paperback book should be up for sale sometime this week! The paperback is out now and you can find it here. Two, the audiobook won’t be ready until March of next year (2022). I’m so sorry if this is a big disappointment! The narrator I use is a popular one, and she’s booked out quite a ways! Again, I’ll put up another post on here when the audiobook is up for sale!

I cannot wait for you all to dive in and read the final book in my Four Horsemen series! I hope you all love Death and Lazarus as much as I do! In another week or so I will try to do a Q&A full of spoilers in my Death Spoiler Group (which you can find if you join my Facebook reader group, Thalassalites).

As far as what comes next, I’m already in the middle of two different series (which I’m still keeping a secret for now), but I will have more information about them in my next posts! Sending you all so much love!

Happy reading,




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