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Death (The Four Horsemen #4) Cover Reveal

  Cover reveal for Death (The Four Horsemen #4) Ahhhh! So excited to finally reveal Death's cover to you all!  A huge thank you goes to Regina Wamba for the absolutely stunning work bringing this final horseman to life! He's exactly how I envisioned him to be! For those of you wondering about Death's release date, I don't know yet. I'm just beginning edits (and omg, they are so much fun!) Once I'm finished with this round of edits (should be another couple months), I'll post a release date, but it's looking like fall of this year! *** He’s known by many names: Thanatos. Horseman. God’s last angel. And then, of course, there's the one I’m all too familiar with— Death. The day Death comes to Lazarus Gaumond’s town and kills everyone in one fell swoop, the last thing he expects to see is a woman left alive and standing. But Lazarus has her own extraordinary gift: she cannot be killed—not by humans, not by the elements, not by Death himself. She is the o