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Life and Writing Schedule Updates: December 2020

 Hey readers! I feel like I haven't had a real heart-to-heart post in here in awhile--which, let's be clear, is because I am a boring adult who does boring things that I'm sure no one wants to hear about. But, in the spirit of oversharing my life, here goes: today I basically sold my soul for new flooring (told you my life was boring). The carpet in my house is 30+ years old and is frankly something that must've been spawned by Satan himself because it is that disgusting. Not that this little fact made forking over the deposit any easier. (I'm not supposed to talk about money stuff right? That's a taboo subject, right? Whatever.) No pressure to the installers or anything, but this new flooring better be so pretty I want to lick it. Anyway, I ate my feelings away after that (salted caramel milkshakes are, in fact, the shit). And now I'm writing my little heart out. Highlight of my week? I've basically adopted a fox who comes to my backyard to find any str

Famine (The Four Horsemen #3) is Now Out!

 I cannot believe I finally get to say this— Famine (The Four Horsemen #3) is officially out now! For those of you who want me to shut up so you can check it out, here’s the link ! (And no hard feelings; I’m an author, I don’t know how to be brief!) I can’t wait for you all to read the third book in this series! It’s been a long and crazy year (hot damn 2020, what is your safe word?), but I’ve finally managed to complete this between a new baby and a pandemic … and wild fires … and ugh, well, everything else. And now I’m excited to allow you all to escape into a world that has suffered … a pandemic … natural disasters … oh crap, this sounds familiar doesn’t it? I swear it’s fiction! In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy this third installment in The Four Horsemen series. I loved writing it so much. And can you believe there’s only one more after this? So wild! Paperback and Audiobook Versions   I’m working on Famine’s print book as we speak. Hopefully that will be available fo

Famine Release Date

 Hey guys! I hope you've all had a great summer! I know many of you have been checking in here to see news on Famine . For those of you who aren't aware, Famine is up for pre-order on Amazon. For those of you who are aware, you'll know the release date is set for September 1. I have some bad news, and I guess there’s no real way to sugarcoat this, so here goes: I have to push Famine’s release date to October 1. Whhhhhhyyyy? Simply put: the edits won’t be finished by August 28 (the date I need to submit the book to Amazon). But why a whole month? Because I am clearly an AWFUL judge of how much time I need. Truly you all, I am SO, so sorry. Back in June I would’ve told you that this book would already be published by now. I think I underestimated just how long it takes me these days to write a book (plus limited childcare plus writing longer books in general). I’ve been pretty quiet on here because I’ve been trying my hardest to get all the edits finished by my de

Famine (The Four Horsemen #3) Cover Reveal

Ahhhhh!!! So freaking excited to share Famine's cover with you all! I'm O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with it.  😍 😍 😍 😍  A huge thank you goes to Regina Wamba of  Mae I Design  for the gorgeous cover and to @allenbokendall for modeling for it! A lot of you have asked about when Famine was releasing. I'd been aiming for March, and that obviously didn't happen. I'm still in the middle of writing the book, and then there are edits, so it will probably be another couple of months--but it could be longer. At the moment I have both a toddler and an infant at home, so I'm back down to halftime work. That being said, I am LOVING writing this story and the characters. I can't WAIT to share more with you all. I'm sure I'll post another teaser in the next few weeks, but for now, here's the description: Famine (The Four Horsemen #3) Coming Spring/Summer 2020 They came to earth--Pestilence, War, Famine, Death--four horsemen riding their screaming steeds,

Pestilence has Been Nominated for Film ... Now I Need Your Help!

Hey readers!  So I know that what you all really want are Famine (The Four Horsemen #3) updates--and those are coming--but I wanted to pop on to mention that Pestilence has been nominated for film in a flash voting contest on  TaleFlick. What is TaleFlick? Basically, it's a site that allows Hollywood agents to discover books that readers think should be turned into movies, and the more votes that book generates on the site, the more likely they are to take notice. So, I never do this--I hate asking you readers for anything--but I'm going to ask you all now: if you enjoyed reading Pestilence and think it would make a good movie or show, please consider following the link here and voting. V oting closes in two days, so this is like speed-dating, only for books!  Also, can we talk about the fact that Pestilence has been a huge D-bag lately with this Coronavirus? Go home, Plague-Boy, you're drunk. But seriously, I hope you and all those you love are safe and heal

Famine Teaser #2

Famine Teaser  Hey guys! So, I'm crossing my fingers that this teaser pops up without any issues because when I originally tried to post it, I had all the issues. (I can't decide if technology has backslid in the last few years, or if I'm simply getting old ... I'm sure it's the technology ;) I thought I'd share another Famine teaser with you all! This is unedited and subject to change between now and the book's release. Apologies for any errors you spot! Enjoy! Five years ago  The chilly air pricks at my bare skin. I don’t dare take my shirt back from the horseman, even though I’m cold to the bone. I begin to shiver, my teeth clicking together. “You’re cold.” His husky voice seems as though it’s pulled from the darkness itself. “I’m okay.” “Lay next to me.” I stare at where I think his eyes are. His words coil low in my belly. I can tell he doesn’t mean to make the offer sexual, but between that rough voice and the fact that our torsos are b