War Will Release July 11

Sorry I've been MIA on here! For the last several weeks--okay, let's be honest, for the last several months--I've been manically trying to finish this novel for you all. Originally it was supposed to be released in April ... then that date got pushed to May ... then I was determined to get it to you all by June ... and here we are in July. It's finally, finally at a place where I can give it a hard release date, and July 11 is approximately 9 days from now--yippee!!!

I think I've briefly mentioned that some of my release schedule setbacks have had to do with personal issues. I had a solid three months of back-to-back flus, colds, and infections that my dear, sweet spawn gave me, so the shear number of sick days I had to take this winter and spring was staggering. Combine that with a few personal tragedies and a high risk pregnancy (still pregnant over here, and I'm missing coffee like it's a limb I've lost), and the time's just slipped by me. 

That's all sort of an apology and an explanation wrapped into one. I don't usually share my personal stuff on here, but sometimes I'm sure it's nice to hear about the person behind the books! Also, I know I've left you all hanging for a while, but I didn't really want to post anything here until I knew for sure when I was going to release War!

There won't be any pre-orders for the novel, but I will post here and on social media once the book has hit shelves. If you would rather not check back in here, I have a mailing list, and I will be sending out a release day email for War to all my subscribers on July 11. So, if that works better for you, you can join my newsletter! Here's the sign up link. 

If you enjoy teasers, I'll be posting at least one between now and next Thursday on Facebook. (And maybe on Instagram and Twitter too, if I'm particularly on my shit! Hehe!) 

Thank you all for your patience! Big hugs to you all!

Happy reading,

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