War Release Update

AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! War is finally written!!!! YAAAASSSS!!! Alright, trying to rein in my excitement, but I wasn't sure I'd ever get this book fully written. At 129,000 words it's the longest book I've ever written, and over twice as long as the first book I ever published.

Okay, pulling myself together. So, I promised news on this. This is the first part of the news--that the book is completely written. However, I have literally hundreds of edits waiting for me, and two more rounds of editorial read-throughs that I have to do before I pass this baby on to other eyes. In the past, it's taken me a month or two to get through my edits. I don't know if it'll take me that long with this one since my writing process this time around was a little different (aka, my first draft is way more thorough), but it is a much longer book than some of my previous ones.

So, when WILL War be published? Short answer--as soon as I'm done with my edits. Maybe that will be the end of this month, maybe it will be next month. I'll try my hardest to move quickly, but I also want to make sure that the book is as polished as I hoped for it to be before I put it up on Amazon. I hope you all understand!

I'll definitely keep everyone updated. Oh, and here's a mini outtake ... I might actually post more of these in the next few weeks since there are a lot of little passages that I've had to axe! Here it is:

War is a terrible thing; I’ve seen so many people make awful, horrible choices—choices no person should ever have to make.
I’ve made a few myself. 

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39339451-war

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