Updates on Dark Harmony and Pestilence

Hey all!

I figured it was about time I do another blog post. I know for many of you, you're checking this site weekly for any updates on Dark Harmony and dear God above, why is this post titled "updates" instead of "out now" and why oh why is Laura Thalassa such a godforsaken heathen who's left us all hanging?

Uh, so yeah, one, I'm totally a heathen, and two, for those of you who have been dying a slow and agonizing death since last winter waiting for this book, you only have to wait an itsy bitsy bit longer. The book is almost complete. My fingers are crossed that I finish writing it this coming week. What happens after that? I have to slog through edits, which will hopefully only take a couple weeks. Then I send it out to beta readers, then I send out ARCs (advance review copies), then the book gets published. I'm thinking that I'll briefly have the book on pre-order while it's out with beta readers. The print book will take a little longer to get published; my designer has to know the page count before she can complete the wraparound cover. And the audiobook will probably take another two to three months to produce. So that's the rough timeline there.

So, why has the book taken so long? Honestly, I have no fucking clue. Partly, it's my life--there have been so many days and weeks lost to one health crisis after another (between me, my husband, and our little girl), and then there are things like vacations that are planned back when this little author naively assumed this book would already be published. Anyway, life got in the way.

There's also the trouble that comes with having a book that so many people want to read--the paralyzing fear that what you're writing isn't going to live up to the hype. That, combined with the perfectionism that comes with having to always one-up yourself as a writer ... and yeah, the writing has been slow-going.

That all being said, I'm really, truly sorry for the long, long wait. I meant to get this out last December, and that didn't happen, and I meant to get this book out this summer ... and that didn't happen. But I am almost done with the book, so hopefully the wait is almost over. Thank you all for being saints and patiently waiting for me to finish Dark Harmony! I can't wait to share with you all how this trilogy is going to end.

Oh, and I mentioned there was a Pestilence update--the new cover is looking freaking gorgeous! I think it's close to being done, and once it is complete, I'll make sure to post it here, and to share more fun updates on the series!


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