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Rhapsodic FAQ

After reading Rhapsodic (The Bargainer #1) , my NA paranormal romance novel, many of you had questions concerning various details of the story. Below I've answered many of them. Reader beware, if you haven't yet read Rhapsodic and you intend to, there are many, many spoilers ahead, so read with caution.  Release date for A Strange Hymn (The Bargainer #2) I’m not giving a specific release date for this book mainly because I have a bad habit of either (1) blowing past my deadlines, and/or (2) stressing out and being a pain in my friends’ and family’s ass trying to finish my novel in time. It takes me about three to four months to write a book, and I’m starting book two January of next year, so you can roughly expect the book to be out around mid-spring of 2017. Where did you come up with the story line for Rhapsodic? So, back in early 2014 I agreed to be part of what was to be the Moonlight Cravings Anthology. I was supposed to write a paranormal romance novel

The Curse Catcher Novella is Now Out!

Welcome to the Complex, where peace is the goal, and chaos the reality. The Complex series is a group project I began with several other authors over a year ago. The idea of it was that we would all write sci-fi/fantasy novellas within the same world. Fast forward to today, and I finally get to share with you my novella, The Curse Catcher ! You can click here to check it out onAmazon , or read on for more information. And can we take a moment to drool over the cover, created by the wonderfully talented Rachel Mizer of Shoutlines Design ? I'm in love with it! The Curse Catcher is a 20,000 word novella (roughly 90 pages), and the premise of the story is that Skylar Curiel, the main character, is chosen as a sacrifice to be fed to a monster living under the Complex, a city where supernaturals, or Metas, and Humans are to coexist (much easier said than done). She’s thrown into this beast’s prison knowing she’s going to die. Only … things aren’t quite as they seem. And that