Rhapsodic Pre-Order and Sneak Peek

Hey readers,

Today I have not one, but two goodies for you all. One, I’ve posted the first ten percent of Rhapsodic for those of you eager to get a glimpse into my newest series. And two, the pre-order for Rhapsodic is also up! Rhapsodic will officially be available for purchase on November 15, so there’s just a little under a month until its release!

Sneak Peek at Rhapsodic
I am so, so, so excited to finally share the first ten percent of Rhapsodic with you! This book has fairies and curses, romance and a decade’s old mystery. I especially love Callie Des—a.k.a., the Bargainer—and I can’t wait to share them with you all. The book has changed a lot from its first inception, which began two and a half years ago, and I love the story it’s become. I hope you will as well!

The sample you’re about to read is still being edited, so there may very well be errors or last minute changes to details. I hope you’ll forgive me for those—I wanted to reward you all a little early for being so patient!

A word on the site I’m using to share the sample sample. I’m using Instafreebie, which is a site a lot of authors and publishers use to share books, and Instafreebie makes it easy for the reader to read the text on their e-reader, whether that be a Kindle, a Nook, another e-reader, or your phone. You will be automatically subscribing to my newsletter by downloading the sample (unless, of course, you’re already on my newsletter!), which I thought was fair, since in the past I’ve only released previews to my newsletter. I only ever send out emails on new and upcoming releases, and you can unsubscribe from my mailing list at any time. I hope you stick around!

The pre-order is up, and you can find it here! There’ not much more to say on this, except thank you—thank you for reading my books and being amazing fans, and for allowing me to continue to provide you all with stories. You’re the reason I write. <3

Hugs and happy reading,


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