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Rhapsodic Pre-Order and Sneak Peek

Hey readers, Today I have not one, but two goodies for you all. One, I’ve posted the first ten percent of Rhapsodic for those of you eager to get a glimpse into my newest series. And two, the pre-order for Rhapsodic is also up! Rhapsodic will officially be available for purchase on November 15, so there’s just a little under a month until its release! Sneak Peek at Rhapsodic I am so, so, so excited to finally share the first ten percent of Rhapsodic with you! This book has fairies and curses, romance and a decade’s old mystery. I especially love Callie Des—a.k.a., the Bargainer—and I can’t wait to share them with you all. The book has changed a lot from its first inception, which began two and a half years ago, and I love the story it’s become. I hope you will as well! The sample you’re about to read is still being edited, so there may very well be errors or last minute changes to details. I hope you’ll forgive me for those—I wanted to reward you all a little early f

Rhapsodic Update

The sneak peek is coming tomorrow! Sorry ladies and gents for the extra wait! I've been under the weather, so getting the first few chapters up has been a little delayed. Look again here tomorrow! Hugs and happy reading! Laura