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Rhapsodic Cover Reveal and Excerpt

Okay, so this book as been a looooooong time in coming! I started talking about  Rhapsodic   back in early 2014, when it was called Moonlight Rhapsody and going to be part of an anthology, but the anthology never went through, so I set out to publish it separately. Only ... the idea for  The Queen of All that Dies  shoved its way in, and I decided to write that series first. So I set  Rhapsodic  aside--until now. Rhapsodic  is the first book in a NA paranormal trilogy that stars a siren with an armful of magical beads, each one an IOU that she has to repay to the king of the night. I'll have more info on this in the coming months, but let me just say that I am ecstatic to finally get to pick this story back up! It's going to be dark and fun and full of thrills. If you want to read some teasers I've already posted on the novel, you can browse through them  here . These teasers are subject to change since I haven't touched what I've written in over two years! If you