The Queen of All that Lives, Teaser #3

Ahhhh! One more week! On May 15, The Queen of All that Lives (The Fallen World #3) will hit shelves, and today I have the final teaser for you.
I know what you all want to read--what happens when Serenity and Montes meet. And I reeeeeaaaally don't want to give anything away, so the following snippet is my compromise! I hope you enjoy it!

The Queen of All that Lives, Teaser #3
They take me to a room I assume is used for extravagant parties, judging by how large the double doors are.
We stop in front of it, and one of my guards knocks.
No one answers the door and no one responds.
I cast aside glance at the soldiers. They don’t appear surprised about this.
What is waiting for me on the other side?
They pause for several more seconds, then reach for the doors.
As soon as they swing open, my breath catches.
If parties were once held in this room, they are no longer. A world map covers the far wall. The same hated strings and blacked out faces are pinned to it. But the two adjacent walls, those are filled from floor to ceiling with photographs and reports.
Conquering has become Montes’s obsession, though obsession is not nearly a strong enough word for this.
A century to transform a man into whatever thing he wishes to become …
Right in the middle of the room, staring up at his enormous map, his hands clasped behind him, is the one man I hate more than any other.
My tormentor. My lover.
The king.


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Hugs and happy reading!

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