The Queen of All that Lives is now Live!

I have a surprise for you all! So today … isn’t May 15, but it is the day The Queen of All that Lives (The Fallen World #3) releases! For those of you who’ve been waiting, I really wanted you to have the weekend to read the novel! So, without further ado, you can find The Queen of All that Lives here.

For those of you who haven’t yet read my new adult post-apocalyptic series, the first two books are currently on sale for $0.99 each, and you can find them here! However, that sale ends tonight, May 13, at midnigh
t (West Coast time), so there are only a few hours left.

The Queen of All that Lives was probably one of the hardest (and most rewarding) books I've written. It was far longer than the other two in the series, so it simply took longer to write. It was also so heavy, and heavy can be really hard headspace to be in day in and day out. But I'm in love with the end result, and I hope you, too, enjoy this final installment in The Fallen World series.

By the way, keep a look out for another email on Blood and Sin! Dan and I have bumped the release date to July 15, but it could potentially be released even later. (I'm a slow poke when it comes to writing, and obsessive when it comes to editing, so blame me for the schedule changes!)

Anyway, have a great weekend you all, and thank you for taking a chance on my books! You are what makes my job so special.

Freedom or death (you'll get it soon enough),

The Queen of All that Lives description:
She’s a martyr.
A myth.
A ghost.
A legend.
She’s my soulmate and my captive, my conscience and my wrath. I love her too much to let her die; I fear her too much to wake her from her slumber.
She’s mine.
And now she’s gone.

He’s unnatural.
He’s the keeper of lies and lost souls. Mine slipped through his clutches.
I am his wife, his queen, the love of his very long life.
And soon, I will be his executioner.

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