The Queen of All that Lives (The Fallen World #3), Teaser 1

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There's less than a month until The Queen of All that Lives, the final novel in my Fallen World series releases and I have a teaser to share! I hope you're as excited for this final book as I am! In the next few weeks I'll post a FAQ on the series, the final book's playlist, and another teaser--as well as info on Blood and Sin, my NA paranormal romance series that's coming in June! For now, enjoy the first teaser!

The Queen of All that Lives, Teaser #1

I lean my back against the wall. Until the driver is either killed or decides to stop the car, there’s not much for me to do except muse over my dark thoughts.
I reach out and exchange my gun for another, wiping the bloodied metal off on my skirts, taking in my surroundings again as I do so. I expected the future to be clean and shiny like a new penny. But I’m not seeing clean and shiny. The exposed metal interior of this vehicle is rusted and stained. The men and their clothes looked desperate.
I don’t believe I like this future very much at all.
Suddenly the car slams to stop. I hear the driver side door being thrown open, followed by the sound of pounding footsteps moving farther and farther away from the vehicle. More gunfire goes off outside.
Time for me to move.
I push my body off the ground, blood seeping between my toes. For the first time in over a century I stand on my own two feet. The gown I wear drapes off my shoulders, and my drenched skirts stick to my legs.
I am a thing made of lace and blood. Swathed in silk and dripping with the dark deeds of men. I suppose I’m finally clothed accordingly.
The adrenaline I felt earlier resurges through my veins, and I grip my gun tighter.
I’d like to say that I can feel all those years I lost, that they left some imprint on my body or my mind. But I can’t. Other than my memories feeling a bit foggy, there’s no indication that I’d been asleep for decades rather than hours.
That makes this all worse. Because up until Montes betrayed me, I loved him. It wasn’t right, but it was true and real.
In the moment that love became inconvenient for him, that fucker let me waste away. My breathing is coming faster and faster.
My monster, my husband, my captor. Soon he will be my victim.
I always considered Montes the thing of my nightmares. Now I’ll be his.

Yes, I think as I step up to the vehicle’s rear doors, I will enjoy killing him.


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