News on The Disappearing Act (The Vanishing Girl #3)

So this post is a long time coming, and I know many of you have been dying to get even the smallest bit of information on this third book, so here's the scoop:

Is The Disappearing Act ever coming out?
Yes, I promise I'm not trying to string you along!

Then when is it coming out, or do you plan on torturing us forever?
So I've gone back and forth on dates. The thing is, the first two books are under contract through Skyscape, and part of this contract stipulates that I must wait eighteen months after the release of the second book, The Decaying Empire, to publish this third book if I self publish it.

There are several reasons why I've decided not to publish this third book through Skyscape but the biggest two are (1) they didn't initially buy the rights to it and there's no guarantee that even once I write the manuscript they will (and if they did, that's several additional months of waiting as their publishing house processes it), and (2) time management--I'm usually working on several series at any one point in time and I haven't been willing to make readers of these other series wait more than necessary because I had contractual obligations to this one.

The Decaying Empire came out at the end of April 2015. Eighteen months following that is the end of October. Between now and then, I have three other projects that I will be writing. Knowing how fast I write, I'm guessing that I will have The Disappearing Act out at the beginning of 2017 (roughly January or February).

Can you please keep readers in the loop?!
Absolutely. I will continue to post updates about The Disappearing Act as they come you can also join my mailing list (in the top right-hand corner) to receive email on this book and others when they release!

Happy reading,

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