Blood and Sin: A Paranormal Novel Coming June 15

So, I've been keeping a secret for a long while now, but I can finally share it! I've been working with my husband, author Dan Rix, on a joint book for the last month. It's called Blood and Sin, and it's the first novel in a paranormal romance trilogy we'll be writing together! We're planning on releasing it June 15, just a month after the final novel in my Fallen World series comes out! If you enjoy enemies-to-lovers stories, this one will be right up your alley.

Blood and Sin

Welcome to the world of the Infernari, demons who live in a realm similar to ours, but sometimes come topside to collect blood for their dark magic.

Hot-blooded, prideful, feral, Lana Malesuis is a demon. She has sworn an oath to heal her war-torn, dying species. Her method: drain human blood, use it to fuel her dark magic, reap human misfortune. She has come to the town of White Sulfur Springs to cull.

Cold-blooded, ruthless, conniving, Jame Asher is a human. He has sworn to avenge his wife and baby girl, killed by demon magic. His plan: destroy demons’ portals, deprive them of their human blood supply, exterminate them one by one. He has come to White Sulfur Springs to kill.

But when they meet, and he takes Lana as his prisoner, the last thing he expects to see in her wild violet eyes is the frightened innocence of a young girl. For her part, Lana never expects to feel anything but hate for the most feared demon hunter on Earth. 

Neither of them expected it to become something more.


Here is a little teaser to whet your appetite:

Blood and Sin, Teaser #1
My shoulders shrank, my waist narrowed, and my hips widened.

Suddenly I wasn’t a mostly naked Brad pinned under Asher, but a topless Lana.

He hadn’t been prepared for that. Nor, for that matter, had I. There were two of us and a whole lot of skin, considering that Asher was still in just his boxer briefs. I felt my cheeks flush, pressed together as we were.

Asher reared back, getting an eyeful.

I growled and thrust my palm up against the cartilage of his nose. He cursed, reflexively releasing me.

I scrambled away from him, my skin scraping against the rocky pavement. Behind me I could hear him recovering.

A hand wrapped around my ankle. “Not so fast, demon.”

I pulled my other foot back and kicked at his face. It glanced off of his cheekbone.

Ignoring my efforts, he began dragging me backwards. I clawed at the road, grappling for purchase. I felt one fingernail rip away. Then another. I suppressed my magic even as I cried out. No use healing something that would just reinjure.

“You should’ve killed me when you had the chance, demon,” Asher gritted out.

He dragged me like that all the way back to his vehicle, scratching up the delicate skin of my stomach and chest. More fingernails ripped away. Still I fought him.

Utterly useless. He was at least two heads taller than me and twice my weight.

When we reached his vehicle, Asher pulled me roughly to my feet, and opened the car’s back doors. Once I saw where he intended to put me, I struggled anew.

I couldn’t go back into that cage. There weren’t even windows to look out of.

“Asher, please—”

He tossed me into the back of the car and slammed the doors in my face.

I cried out, less from the physical pain than from the distress of being back in this cage. I could smell my earlier sickness, and it made my nausea rise.

For once I wished I could be hardened like other Infernari. Or cold and crafty, like a human. If either were the case, Asher would be dead and I’d be on my way back home.

But I was somehow the worst of both worlds. My spirit too soft. My intentions too transparent.

And I was back in the monster’s clutches.


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