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The Queen of All that Lives, Teaser #2

Teaser Tuesday! Eek!  The Queen of All that Lives (The Fallen World #3)   hits shelves May 15 and I wanted to share another snippet from the book!   But before I share the teaser,  I need to mention some things:  (1) The following teaser is from the first page of the manuscript, so if you don't want to know how Serenity starts the book off, don't read it.  (2) ARC reviewers--I'm still editing the novel, and it shouldn't be ready for at least another week and a half. So sorry about that--this one's much longer than my other novels, so I'm having to squeeze all my edits into my meager time frame! I'll email you all soon with updated info on when you'll receive your copy!  Okay, here it is: The Queen of All that Lives, Teaser #2 We found her. Finally. There had always been rumors that the undying king’s queen lived. That she slept deep in the earth. That the king, mad with grief, put her there. I step up to the golden sarcophagus, my men

The Queen of All that Lives (The Fallen World #3), Teaser 1

Hi readers! There's less than a month until The Queen of All that Lives , the final novel in my Fallen World series releases and I have a teaser to share! I hope you're as excited for this final book as I am! In the next few weeks I'll post a FAQ on the series, the final book's playlist, and another teaser--as well as info on Blood and Sin , my NA paranormal romance series that's coming in June! For now, enjoy the first teaser! The Queen of All that Lives, Teaser #1 I lean my back against the wall. Until the driver is either killed or decides to stop the car, there’s not much for me to do except muse over my dark thoughts. I reach out and exchange my gun for another, wiping the bloodied metal off on my skirts, taking in my surroundings again as I do so. I expected the future to be clean and shiny like a new penny. But I’m not seeing clean and shiny. The exposed metal interior of this vehicle is rusted and stained. The men and their clothes looked desper

Blood and Sin: A Paranormal Novel Coming June 15

So, I've been keeping a secret for a long while now, but I can finally share it! I've been working with my husband, author Dan Rix, on a joint book for the last month. It's called Blood and Sin , and it's the first novel in a paranormal romance trilogy we'll be writing together! We're planning on releasing it June 15, just a month after the final novel in my Fallen World series comes out! If you enjoy enemies-to-lovers stories, this one will be right up your alley. Blood and Sin Welcome to the world of the Infernari, demons who live in a realm similar to ours, but sometimes come topside to collect blood for their dark magic. Hot-blooded, prideful, feral, Lana Malesuis is a demon. She has sworn an oath to heal her war-torn, dying species. Her method: drain human blood, use it to fuel her dark magic, reap human misfortune. She has come to the town of White Sulfur Springs to cull. Cold-blooded, ruthless, conniving, Jame Asher is a human. He has swo

News on The Disappearing Act (The Vanishing Girl #3)

So this post is a long time coming, and I know many of you have been dying to get even the smallest bit of information on this third book, so here's the scoop: Is The Disappearing Act ever coming out? Yes, I promise I'm not trying to string you along! Then when is it coming out, or do you plan on torturing us forever? So I've gone back and forth on dates. The thing is, the first two books are under contract through Skyscape, and part of this contract stipulates that I must wait eighteen months after the release of the second book, The Decaying Empire , to publish this third book if I self publish it. There are several reasons why I've decided not to publish this third book through Skyscape but the biggest two are (1) they didn't initially buy the rights to it and there's no guarantee that even once I write the manuscript they will (and if they did, that's several additional months of waiting as their publishing house processes it), and (2) time mana

The Queen of All That Lives Cover Reveal

The cover for  The Queen of All That Lives  is finally here, and I’m so excited to share with you! The third and final novel in  The Fallen World  trilogy comes out May 15! If you haven’t started reading the series, you can check out the first book,  The Queen of All That Dies ,  here !   Of all my series, this one has been my favorite so far, probably because it’s the most challenging for me to write.  The Queen of All That Lives  is my longest book to date and at the moment I’m in the middle of edits. My hope is that once these are complete, I can begin sending out advanced review copies to eager readers. I send out ARCs exclusively to my newsletter subscribers, so if you want to be considered for fut ure releases, please join my mailing list (top right hand corner).  She’s a martyr. A myth. A ghost. A legend. She’s my soulmate and my captive, my conscience and my wrath. I love her too much to let her die; I fear her too much to wake her from her slumber. She’s mine. And now