Fan X: A Group Newsletter

Some of you might've noticed that one of my tabs is labeled "Fan X". What is this? Today I wanted to talk about it.

Fan X is a collabrative newsletter. In English: a bunch of us authors got together and decided we wanted to send out emails with all of our new releases. The five authors include myself, Scarlett Dawn, Amber Lynn Natusch, Stacey Marie Brown, and Ashley Stoyanoff.

How Does it Work?
We will be sending out a single, monthly newsletter (separate from our personal newsletters) announcing our new releases that month (provided we have a release). I think it's important to clarify that you won't get spammed. It's twelve emails over the course of a year, and it's meant to allow you to keep up with multiple authors and discover new books as they come out.

Why it's Worth Signing Up
The most obvious reason is because these women write some bada$$ stories! If you're a fan of YA and NA paranormal, all of them are worth checking out! Even if you're not a fan of paranormal, I think most if not all of us write outside the genre as well!

OMG, there are dozens turkeys walking across my front yard! They have no idea what holiday is fast approaching ... Okay, sorry, getting back on track. So, Fan X. Doooooo it. You know you want to.

Check it out:

Happy reading,

P.S. Updates on The Queen of Traitors and the cover reveal are coming soon!

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