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Reaping Angels Cover Reveal

I hope you are all enjoying the first stirrings of fall (my favorite season!). I have some releases headed your way-- The Damned (The Unearthly #5) on November 15, and The Queen of Traitors (The Fallen World #2) on January 15, 2016. Before all that, however, I'm releasing my NA superhero novella, Reaping Angels , on October 15! If you're a sucker for enemies-to-lovers (like I am!) then this is right up your ally! Can we take a moment to fawn over the cover? Dan Rix, in addition to being an incredible writer and a wonderful husband, is also a ridiculously talented cover artist, and I'm blown away by this latest cover! Reaping Angels Description There are few things superhero Angel wants in life. World peace. Unlimited chocolate banana milkshakes. Spandex outfits with pockets. What she doesn’t want is the attention of the Executioner, a supervillain who kills with his touch. But the moment she survives a caress—and a kiss—at the mercy of his lethal skin, Angel re

Rhapsodic, Teaser #2

A while ago, I promised I'd share a teaser for my paranormal romance, Rhapsodic . This poor book had been patiently waited in the wings while I finished my other series, but next year it will finally get published. Before then, however, I thought I'd share an excerpt! Rhapsodic, Teaser #2 Ten years ago ... The air wavers, like I’m staring at a mirage, then suddenly, he’s here, filling the room like he owns it. The Bargainer. Holy shit, it worked. All I can see of him is a good six feet of man and a whole lot of raven dark hair tied together in a leather thong. The Bargainer’s back is to me. A whistle breaks the silence. “That is one dead man,” he says, staring at my handiwork. His heavy boots clink as he approaches the body. The toe of his boot nudges the corpse. “Hmm, I stand corrected. Mostly dead.” “ What ?” He can’t be alive. The fear that thrums through my veins is a living, breathing thing. “It will cost you probably more than you’re willing to off