The Damned, Teaser #1

This post is proof that I can be convinced into a great many things! I wasn’t planning on giving you all any teasers from The Damned, the fifth and final book in The Unearthly series for another couple months, but I heard enough requests for a teaser from the final book that I caved. :)

The Damned will come out November 15, 2015. A cover reveal and additional teasers will be posted here in the upcoming weeks and months! Until then, enjoy!

The Damned (The Unearthly #5), Teaser #1

Wakefulness came in a short, shuddering burst. Andre let out a low moan. He was empty, absolutely empty.
She’s gone. Oh, God, she’s gone.
He bellowed out his anguish. The vampires that had pinned him to the ground woke at his cry, their hands reflexively tightening on him.
“Damn you all, let me go!” He could feel cool wetness on his cheeks where fresh, bloody tears replaced old ones.
“We can’t,” Vicca said. Her voice sounded like an apology. He didn’t want an apology; he wanted away.
His blackened heart was shredded to pieces.
He couldn’t say how fast the time passed. It could’ve been minutes since he awoke. It could’ve been hours.
A shape blurred into the room, stopping near his feet. “Sire,” the vampire said, breathless.
Andre ignored the man. “Kill me! I beg of you,” he pleaded to those that held him down. He never used to plead, but now—God, what he wouldn’t do to end this torment. Hell had to be kinder than this.
“Sire,” the vampire repeated.
Andre thrashed. “Let. Me. Go!” He felt his hair ruffle, but that was it. He could no longer conjure up his power.
Because I’ve given up.
“Is this what you want?” Andre roared at his vampires. “An existence bound to me? Holding me down?”
His coven had already started to drain him of blood. They would have to weaken him until he was a desiccated husk. Then they’d chain him inside a coffin and bury it so far down that the earth would convince him he was really a dead thing. Then perhaps he could sleep and they could live.
It wasn’t a good enough option. He needed death. That was the only way he could be near enough to her.
Sire!” the vampire shouted, finally drawing Andre’s attention. “Gabrielle is alive.”


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