Reaping Angels Playlist

Hey you!

It’s that time again where I have to post the playlist that inspired the story—or is it the story that inspired the playlist? Whatever. Point is, I’ve got some cool tracks (not biased) for Reaping Angels, which is a part of the Beneath the Cape anthology. I hope you hear Angel’s sassy attitude in them—that’s what I love about this particular playlist. It’s got ’tude.

Also, as a side note, I now have several of you pushing for teasers for The Damned … and The Queen of Traitors … and Rhapsodic, my adult paranormal romance (rawr!). I promise to have more updates and teasers on these in the future (especially on that last one because I know you’re scratching your head and wondering what the heck that book’s all about). But… something that always works to pull my attention to a particular project is when you show interest. So posting reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for these books and the others in the series is a great way to get my attention, as is contacting me ( or reaching out to me on Goodreads or Facebook.

Okay, ever onwards! Enjoy the playlist!

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