The Forsaken Teaser #2

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March is fast approaching, which means The Forsaken is even closer to hitting shelves! In another week or so, it should be available for pre-order on Amazon! I’ll let you know once that’s the case. Until then, let me satisfy your paranormal cravings with another teaser from the novel!

The Forsaken, Teaser #2

I showered and padded out into the bedroom, towel wrapped around me.
I my eyes landed on the bed, where an outfit had been laid out. I paused. Black leather pants and a skintight black shirt waited for me.
Even more mortifying, someone had placed a lacey thong and bra next to the clothing. Out of curiosity I walked up and checked out the tags.
Well they’d at least got my size right.
I sighed. I was going to look like Lara Croft: Slut Slayer.
By the time I slipped on the pair of boots that rested next to the bed, someone knocked on the door.
“Come in!” I shouted.
Andre sauntered in, his hair wet from the shower he must’ve fit in between planning the next phase of our escape. The moment he caught sight of my outfit, air seemed to hiss out of him.
“I think I need another shower,” he said. “A cold one.”
Okay, not helping. It felt like my ass was eating my underwear and my pants. Guess more than my teeth wanted a bite out of something.
“Leather, Andre? Really?” I asked.
“Blame my servants,” he said, but his eyes shined with mischief. I could practically see him making a mental note to give them a raise.
His gaze smoldered as he took me in. My body squeaked under his gaze—though that might’ve just been the straining leather—and my skin flared up. That was all it took.
Andre strode forward, and his eyes already undressing me.
I backed up grabbing the bedpost I bumped into. We both heard my slow heartbeat pick up. “People are after us; we have to—”
“The world can wait,” Andre said. “My soulmate has needs that I only I can satisfy.”
My hand slipped from the bedpost. Andre came up to me and cupped my face. His thumbs stroked my features. I saw his desire-laden gaze flick to the bed, and my skin brightened further.
My hands floated to his waist. Chiseled muscle rippled beneath the fabric of his shirt. “Cotton, Andre?” I said, rubbing the material. “Why do I have to wear some poor cow when you don’t?” That was real fair.
“The lady doth protest too much.” He took my wrists and moved my touch down a few inches to the supple leather of his pants. “See? Leather.”
All rational thought fled me. My hands were dangerously close to things I wanted to get familiar with. I fought with the siren rising in me. If she took over, the deed was as good as done. Which I wasn’t actually against, except that she was capable of taking away Andre’s free will.
Andre laughed, and unaware of my thoughts, he leaned in and brushed a kiss across my lips. “Soulmate, I love it that I can affect you this way.”
“Mmm.” I was afraid to speak. Afraid of the glamour that would ease into my voice.
Sensing the battle within me, he pulled away. He stroked the side of my face. “I’m not afraid of her soulmate—she’s a part of you.”
When I wrested control of my voice I said, “She’ll take things way too far.”

He raised an eyebrow. “You say that like I have a problem with it.”


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