The Queen of All that Dies Giveaway

Guess Whaaaaaat? We’ve hit 100 pre-orders of The Queen of All that Dies, which means two things: (1) I’m beginning the giveaway for a SIGNED, PRE-RELEASED PAPERBACK of The Queen of All that Dies, and (2) I’m going to release the first three chapters of the novel to my newsletter today (sign up for my newsletter here, or click on the link in the top righthand corner of the blog)! 

The rules are simple: just copy the order# from your receipt of The Queen of All that Dies and either send it to me at [at], PM it to me, or paste it in the comment section below my Facebook post on the subject, which you can see here. If you’re interested in participating, but haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, you can do so here.

The giveaway will close on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at noon Pacific Standard Time. I’ll pick a winner then and notify contestants on Facebook that evening. 

First Three Chapters
In addition to giving away a print copy of the book, I’m releasing the first three chapters to my newsletter. If you sign up for my newsletter after I send out these chapters, simply respond to my newsletter’s confirmation email with a request to read the first three chapters, and I’ll send them your way!

Until then, here’s the final teaser (and the first page of the novel) that I’ll release. Hope you enjoy!


I can barely remember a time before the war. The green, orderly lawns, the rows of houses, the neatly assigned shelves of food. That quest for perfection was the first thing to go when the king turned his attention to our land. 

The first, but not the last.

War felled more than just order. We once knew casual compassion—politeness even. People smiled for the sake of smiling. Laughed because they couldn’t contain their joy. One positive emotion begat another, and it spread like the most decadent disease. 

And the colors. Every once in a while I still dream in such vivid colors. What I would give to live in such a bright place again. 

The world we knew is nothing like the one I live in.

But none of this, none of it was so costly a price as the one we eventually paid. Somewhere along the way, my people lost the most precious thing of all. 


Well, most of us lost it. Most, but not all.


Hugs and happy reading,

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