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The Queen of Traitors Cover Reveal

On January 15, 2016,  The Queen of Traitors (The Fallen World #2)  will hit shelves, and today I get to share the cover with you all! Eek! I might love this one even more than the last! I am so excited to share the second book in the trilogy! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, you can check out  The Queen of All that Dies , the first book in this NA post-apocalyptic series,  here . Additionally, the final installment of the trilogy will hit shelves in April, so no long wait for the final book in the series! The Queen of Traitors January 15, 2016 They say I am a queen. They say I married a monster. That I did so willingly. They say he cannot die, that he does not age. That together, we rule a ravaged world. They say I used to be one of them, but now I am a traitor.  They say many things, all which I cannot remember, but …  I fear what they say is true. Then there is what they don’t say, what I see in their eyes— The king terrifies them. He cannot be sto

The Queen of Traitors, Teaser #3

Teaser time! I'm working on the cover of The Queen of Traitors (The Fallen World #2)  at the moment, and I'm hoping I can share that with you in another few weeks! For now, here's another teaser from The Queen of Traitors ! The Queen of Traitors, Teaser #3 Serenity leaves me a trail of expensive breadcrumbs to follow. A satin shoe here, a diamond bracelet there. I follow them to the edge of the palace grounds. She’s several feet away from the wrought iron fence, and she’s staring up at it like she’s considering the best way to scale it. “And here I was hoping that you might consider shedding your dress along with the jewelry.” She doesn’t flinch at my voice, nor does she turn around. “How do you live with yourself?” For one instant I fear that if I ever let her go, she’d disappear into the land, never to return. God, she’d want that. And I probably just caught her as she was tasting the possibility on her tongue. I’ve been vacillating between anger and arousa

Fan X: A Group Newsletter

Some of you might've noticed that one of my tabs is labeled "Fan X". What is this? Today I wanted to talk about it. Fan X is a collabrative newsletter. In English: a bunch of us authors got together and decided we wanted to send out emails with all of our new releases. The five authors include myself, Scarlett Dawn, Amber Lynn Natusch, Stacey Marie Brown, and Ashley Stoyanoff. How Does it Work? We will be sending out a single, monthly newsletter (separate from our personal newsletters) announcing our new releases that month (provided we have a release). I think it's important to clarify that you won't get spammed. It's twelve emails over the course of a year, and it's meant to allow you to keep up with multiple authors and discover new books as they come out. Why it's Worth Signing Up The most obvious reason is because these women write some bada$$ stories! If you're a fan of YA and NA paranormal, all of them are worth checking out! Even if

The Damned (The Unearthly #5) is Out Now!

The title says it all! The Damned is now LIVE! You can grab it here , or you can hear a little more about it in my video below and then grab it! Hugs and happy reading! Laura

The Damned (The Unearthly #5) Playlist

Hi readers! So, I usually post playlists after I release the book, but for those of you getting excited for the release of The Damned , the final book in The Unearthly series, I thought I'd share the music that inspired me while writing it. I'll post later this week about The Damned , so keep a lookout for another blog post. Until then, enjoy the music! Hugs and happy reading, Laura    

The Queen of Traitors, Teaser #2

This is a flyby post! The Queen of Traitors comes out January 15, but here's another teaser to hold you over until then! The Queen of Traitors, Teaser #2 I pull the gun from the small of my back. The other I’d left behind in my delirium. Heavy boots jog up the stairs. Despair sets in. Sick, injured, but not free. Never free. I back up as the king’s men pour out of the stairwell. There’s at least a dozen of them and they’re covered from head to toe in gear. Their guns are bared, but almost immediately their barrels swivel around the room, looking for threats other than the one in front of them. One of men parts through the group and removes his helmet. I have to lock my knees to keep from falling. The king. My tormentor and my husband. I don’t remember him, and yet a part of me aches with such ferocity that I know he’s imprinted in my bones. Or maybe it’s just the look in his eyes. It’s the first time I’ve seen compassion, and it railroads me. There’s also a

The Damned Teaser #2

So I promised eons ago that I'd have more teasers up for The Damned (The Unearthly #5) . This is the final book in The Unearthly series, and it hits shelves on November 15. I'll be putting one more teaser up here before The Damned's release, so make sure to keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks! Without further ado, here's the second teaser: The Damned, Teaser #2 As the devil led me through the castle, he gestured to some of the doors we passed. “Torture chamber. Torture chamber. Conference room. Torture chamber.” “I’m noticing a theme here,” I said. He smirked but said nothing. His shoes clicked against the stone floor. I’d come to hate the sound of them. The walls here, also made out of the same dark stone as the rest of the castle were carved with faces of gargoyles and demons, and if I stared long enough, I could swear those faces moved. We halted when we came to an elaborately carved door. Hades pushed it open and stepped aside so I could en

Reaping Angels Is Now Out!

Hi all! Reaping Angels is now live, and you can find it here ! I hope you enjoy X and Angel's story. It's the first time I've ever written a superhero story, and if you asked me two years ago if I'd ever write a story like this, I would've said, "Pssh, no way!" And here we are. Never say never, I guess! So the nitty gritty: Angel's a superhero whose touch can heal. The Executioner--or X, for short--is a supervillain who kills with his touch. Their paths cross, he touches her, she doesn't die, he becomes a stage fiv e clinger, and the rest you'll have to read! :) Here's the official blurb: There are few things superhero Angel wants in life. World peace. Unlimited chocolate banana milkshakes. Spandex outfits with pockets. What she doesn’t want is the attention of the Executioner, a supervillain who kills with his touch.  But the moment she survives a caress—and a kiss—at the mercy of his lethal skin, Angel realizes her problems just

All You Need to Know About My Upcoming Books: 2016 Schedule

So this is a pretty big post. Two nights ago I finished a marathon editing spree for The Damned (The Unearthly #5) , and I was getting giddy about sharing it with you. I'd given myself until the end of September to finish it, and at 11 p.m. two nights ago ... I finally, finally accomplished my goal (by the skin of my teeth!). I can't wait to share more teasers with you, and in my upcoming posts, I'll expand on discussing The Unearthly series with you. Now that I can actually think about something other than Andre, Gabrielle and the gang, I realized I had some major book news I needed to share with you all. For those of you who want info on certain upcoming novels, I've sectioned these off by series. 2016 Schedule The Fallen World Series The Queen of Traitors will hit shelves January 15, 2016 . My super big news? I've decided to expand this series into a trilogy! Originally I'd planned on a duology, but to make a short story long, The Queen of All that

Reaping Angels Cover Reveal

I hope you are all enjoying the first stirrings of fall (my favorite season!). I have some releases headed your way-- The Damned (The Unearthly #5) on November 15, and The Queen of Traitors (The Fallen World #2) on January 15, 2016. Before all that, however, I'm releasing my NA superhero novella, Reaping Angels , on October 15! If you're a sucker for enemies-to-lovers (like I am!) then this is right up your ally! Can we take a moment to fawn over the cover? Dan Rix, in addition to being an incredible writer and a wonderful husband, is also a ridiculously talented cover artist, and I'm blown away by this latest cover! Reaping Angels Description There are few things superhero Angel wants in life. World peace. Unlimited chocolate banana milkshakes. Spandex outfits with pockets. What she doesn’t want is the attention of the Executioner, a supervillain who kills with his touch. But the moment she survives a caress—and a kiss—at the mercy of his lethal skin, Angel re

Rhapsodic, Teaser #2

A while ago, I promised I'd share a teaser for my paranormal romance, Rhapsodic . This poor book had been patiently waited in the wings while I finished my other series, but next year it will finally get published. Before then, however, I thought I'd share an excerpt! Rhapsodic, Teaser #2 Ten years ago ... The air wavers, like I’m staring at a mirage, then suddenly, he’s here, filling the room like he owns it. The Bargainer. Holy shit, it worked. All I can see of him is a good six feet of man and a whole lot of raven dark hair tied together in a leather thong. The Bargainer’s back is to me. A whistle breaks the silence. “That is one dead man,” he says, staring at my handiwork. His heavy boots clink as he approaches the body. The toe of his boot nudges the corpse. “Hmm, I stand corrected. Mostly dead.” “ What ?” He can’t be alive. The fear that thrums through my veins is a living, breathing thing. “It will cost you probably more than you’re willing to off

Cover Reveal for The Damned (The Unearthly #5)

Hi readers, For all you Unearthly fans, this is a long time coming. The Damned , the last book in the series, which hits shelves November 15, finally has a cover and a description. The Unearthly was the first book I ever published, and this is the first series I’m ending, so this is a very satisfying—and very bittersweet—time for me! I can’t wait to finish Gabrielle and Andre’s journey with you all. On that note, are you ready? The Damned Taken. Whisked away to hell. Forever bound to a monstrous god. This is seventeen-year-old Gabrielle Fiori’s fate. It’s everything she’s ever feared, and it has all come to pass. Only … the devil isn’t the monster she remembers. At times he seems gentle and, most unnerving of all, she’s drawn to him. He wants her for all eternity, and if she gives in, everything he has to offer can be hers. The only cost? The last of her soul—and her humanity. By a twist of myth, Gabrielle finds herself back on earth from dusk to dawn. Back where the

The Queen of Traitors, Teaser #1

So, I promised I’d post the first teaser for The Queen of Traitors (The Fallen World #2) . This is a rough version and both the content and wording could change, but I wanted to give you all something to hold you over for the moment! Enjoy! The Queen of Traitors, Teaser #1 The door to my cell opens, and Lieutenant Begbie enters, followed by a soldier. “So it’s true, you really don’t remember your past?” he opens, rounding the interview table in my cell and taking a seat. The table’s been bolted to the floor, but the chairs aren’t. I’ve already considered everything in this room as a potential weapon. The sheets can choke, the chairs can bludgeon, my pillow can smother. Those types of deaths require intimacy and strength, neither of which I have at the moment. Hence, I’ve taken to assessing the soldiers that come into the room. Lieutenant Begbie has a gun holstered at his side. The soldier has several. This time they pulled in a greenie. I can see it in his jaw; he’s