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The Forsaken (The Unearthly Series) Character Interview

So, I’ve been pretty awful about updating my blog lately, but that is not because I haven’t been up to mischief! I’ve finished The Decaying Empire and sent that off to my publishers, I’m wrapping up writing The Queen of All that Dies , and I’ve started working on The Forsaken . In honor of the next book in The Unearthly series, I did a character interview with My Crazy Corner, a blog hosted by Apryl Baker, the best selling author of The Ghost Files series, The Coven series, and The Bloodlines series. If you need a good Gabrielle and Andre fix, or you want to read more of Oliver, make sure to check it out here ! Some of you have been eager to learn about when my next books are coming out, so here it is: ~ The Forsaken : January 31, 2015 ~ The Queen of All that Dies : November/December 2014, unless my publisher picks it up (If this is the case, then it will likely come out some time in 2015) ~ The Decaying Empire : No release date yet, but again, my guess would be sometime