The Vanishing Girl Sale and Other News

Here are some quick updates for all you lovely readers! 

For the next seven days, The Vanishing Girl will be on sale for $0.99, so if you like teleportation, romance, and action, then click here to snag your copy!

Secondly, if you enjoyed The Unearthy, The Coveted, and/or The Cursed, please be sure to vote on it here for UtopYA’s 2015 Award Eligible Books on Goodreads! To all of those readers who’ve already voted on it—a super huge, heartfelt thank you! Oliver is popping his hip and telling me that it’s about damn time he was recognized for being awesome. (He doesn’t know this isn’t about him.) 

You’ll be hearing from me again tomorrow, so make sure to check in again! 

Hugs and much love!

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