Teaser Tuesday: The Queen of All That Dies

This week I wanted to share with you the second teaser I have for The Queen of All That Dies. Here it is:

The Queen of All That Dies Teaser #2

“You want to see compassion? Fine.” I take the hand pressed against my shoulders and kiss the king's knuckles. “I’ve now kissed the hand of my mother’s killer.”
Before he has time to react to my chaste kiss, I bring my other hand up and slap him.
His head whips to the side. “I’m also a vindictive bitch,” I say.
Slowly he moves his face back to where it was. There’s a dull pink handprint across his cheek. His eyes glitter, and I’m already learning that this is when he’s at his most dangerous. “And I don’t play fair,” he admits.
The words are hardly out of his mouth when he closes the distance between us and kisses me.
There’s nothing sweet or diplomatic about this kiss. His lips move roughly against mine, and his hand runs down the length of my side, as if even a kiss isn’t enough to satiate him.
I will my mind to go blank before I kiss him back. I press my eyes tightly closed as I wind my arms around his neck and lean into him.
As soon as he feels me respond, the kiss deepens. His lips part my own and his tongue presses against mine.
I turn my head to the side to break off the kiss. It’s too much. Oh God, I don’t think I can do this.
I swallow down my bile. “Enough,” I say, my voice hoarse.
He steps away from me, and I pull in a deep breath of air. The king’s staring at my lips, as though looking at them long enough might cause them to resume their former activity.
I gaze at him, feeling like a cornered creature. This is when I’m my most dangerous. He must sense it as well because he steps aside. I brush past him and he catches my wrist. “I want to see you tonight.” His meaning is clear.
“No,” I say.
“Not until you offer full medical relief to the WUN with no strings attached.” It’s a ballsy move, manipulating him like this. But this is why the WUN sent me.
“I could simply have you killed if you don’t agree.”
“Then kill me,” I say, tugging on my wrist. I am more than ready to leave the king and his empty threats.
He doesn’t let go of me. “I’ll think about it,” he finally says, and I know he’s referring to the medical relief and not having me killed.
“And all I’ll do is think about visiting you until you make your decision,” I say.
The king tugs my wrist hard enough for me I stumble into him. “Stop toying with me,” he growls against my ear, his voice low and lethal.
I pull away from him. “Unlike you, I don’t play games, Montes.”
His eyes trail down my face to my lips. “And I get what I want. Always.”
I yank my wrist out of his grip and back away from him. I can see the cold calculation in his eyes.
“There’s always time for firsts,” I say, and then I walk away.

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