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The Vanishing Girl Sale and Other News

Here are some quick updates for all you lovely readers!  For the next seven days, The Vanishing Girl will be on sale for $0.99, so if you like teleportation, romance, and action, then  c lick here to snag your copy! Secondly, i f you enjoyed The Unearthy , The Coveted , and/or The Cursed , please be sure to vote on it here for UtopYA’s 2015 Award Eligible Books on Goodreads! To all of those readers who’ve already voted on it—a super huge, heartfelt thank you! Oliver is popping his hip and telling me that it’s about damn time he was recognized for being awesome. (He doesn’t know this isn’t about him.)  You’ll be hearing from me again tomorrow, so make sure to check in again!  Hugs and much love! Laura

The Man in the Suit

Ah! I have a fun post today! So, all of you have particular ideas of what different characters look like in the stories you read. Well, for all my books, I have my own idea for what each character looks like. Most don’t have a corresponding celebrity that looks like them, but I just found one that looks dead on like the man in the suit. I recently saw The Picture of Dorian Gray (2009), and Ben Barnes, the actor who plays Dorian Gray, was the closest rendering I’ve seen so far to the man in the suit. Here’s the movie trailer, so you can get an idea yourself: Hugs and happy reading, Laura

The Queen of All that Dies Teaser #3 and Updates

So, some exciting things are happening in my world right now that will affect my release schedule. I am currently in talks with a publisher about The Vanishing Girl series. Because of this, I’ve had to prioritize working on The Decaying Empire (and this name could potentially change). What does this mean? Well, unfortunately, it means that it could push back the release date of The Queen of All that Dies . However, what it does mean is that The Vanishing Girl series could be more widely distributed—more ebook formats (yippee to those of you who have non-Kindle e-readers), audiobooks, perhaps foreign language editions, and print books that will be available in certain bookstores across the country. This is all still up in the air, so I’ll keep all of you wonderful readers posted on what happens. To all those readers who have contacted me to read an advanced review copy of T he Queen of All that Dies —this will mean that your copies will arrive later than I initially expected. How

Teaser Tuesday: The Queen of All That Dies

This week I wanted to share with you the second teaser I have for The Queen of All That Dies . Here it is: The Queen of All That Dies Teaser #2 “You want to see compassion? Fine.” I take the hand pressed against my shoulders and kiss the king's knuckles. “I’ve now kissed the hand of my mother’s killer.” Before he has time to react to my chaste kiss, I bring my other hand up and slap him. His head whips to the side. “I’m also a vindictive bitch,” I say. Slowly he moves his face back to where it was. There’s a dull pink handprint across his cheek. His eyes glitter, and I’m already learning that this is when he’s at his most dangerous. “And I don’t play fair,” he admits. The words are hardly out of his mouth when he closes the distance between us and kisses me. There’s nothing sweet or diplomatic about this kiss. His lips move roughly against mine, and his hand runs down the length of my side, as if even a kiss isn’t enough to satiate him. I will my