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Teasers, Reviews, and Playlists, Oh My!

Ah, I am chalk full of fun news today! First and foremost, for those of you who haven’t yet heard, The Cursed is now out! Click here to check it out on Amazon!   I’ve already heard back from some of you, and the messages I've received have warmed me to my toes! You all are what makes my job so much fun! If you enjoyed reading The Cursed and are dying to get your first taste of The Forsaken , the second-to-last book in the series (that’s right—only two more!), click here and leave a review on Amazon for The Cursed . I’ll put up the first teaser for The Forsaken when The Cursed reaches 15 reviews! I’ll also be putting up the second teaser for The Decaying Empire , the second novel in The Vanishing Girl series, as soon as The Vanishing Girl hits 85 reviews! Click here to visit The Vanishing Girl’s Amazon page and leave a review. Now on to other fun stuff. I’m currently working on The Queen of All That Dies , my new adult dystopian novel, so you all should be hea

The Cursed is Out Now!

Hi all you lovely readers, The day is finally here! After a crazy last few months The Cursed , the third book in The Unearthly series is now out! Click here to check it out on Amazon! As usual, I’m super eager to hear what you all have to say about it—and I desperately hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. And, once it’s finished, make sure to keep an eye out for The Forsaken , the fourth book in the series, which is slated for publication in January 2015. I know, I know, that’s super far away. However, I will be busy working on The Decaying Empire , the sequel to The Vanishing Girl , as well as The Queen of All That Dies , so make sure to check out these books in the meantime. Hugs and happy writing, Laura

The Cursed Teaser #2

As promised, now that The Coveted has reached over 30 reviews, I’m posting the second teaser for The Cursed ! This excerpt took me a really long time to pick out because there were so many I wanted to share with you. However, you’ll get to read all of those potential excerpts soon, since I’m putting the final touches on The Cursed as we speak. That means that if all goes well (fingers crossed), The Cursed should be out by the end of next week! Eeeek! So make sure to check back in here or better yet, join my mailing list to receive an email the day The Cursed comes out. Until then, enjoy! The Cursed : Teaser #2 I trotted over to Caleb’s room and knocked on his door. When it opened, I nearly dropped Oliver’s computer. It was the middle of the day and yet Andre stood in front of me. “What the h-hell?” I stuttered. Andre glanced down at himself. “I’m pretty convincing, aren’t I?” he said. More like terrifying beyond belief. It was Andre’s body, Andre’s