Book Updates

I’ve received a lot of inquiries recently about when my next books will hit the shelves, so I thought I’d address this question today. Because I’m an author, an editor, and a publisher, I have the luxury of getting the books I write into your hands as soon as possible. This means that the moment I have a finished product, I can make it available, rather than having you wait months or even years to get your hands on a book of mine that’s caught your eye. The one drawback is that I can usually only roughly predict when I’ll have a book finished and ready for publication.

In order to keep you all in the know, I’ve created little word meters (on the right) that measure my progress. I’m going to try to be good about updating these weekly so that you can see where I am in the novel writing process. In addition, you can still refer to my “Schedule” page for information on when in the year each book should come out.

The Cursed
Many of you have been wondering when The Cursed is scheduled to come out. It’s currently undergoing rigorous edits. (Woohoo!) I’ve been aiming to have the book done by May 31, but it’s more likely that it will be published sometime in June. I pinkie promise I’ll let you all know the moment it’s available for purchase!

Hugs and happy writing,

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