The Cursed and More!

Okay, so I’m waaaay behind on updating all of you on my current progress with The Cursed, mostly because the majority of my time up until now has been spent working on The Vanishing Girl and The Queen of All that Dies. BUT. But, I’m back to working full time on The Cursed.

So, when can you see more and read more about it? Well, I should have the cover ready to reveal to you all some time in April, along with the book’s description. And the book itself should be finished by the end of May. Yippee! 

However, you don’t have to wait that long to receive more news on The Cursed. As soon as I receive 20 reviews for The Coveted on Amazon, I’ll release the first teaser for The Cursed. The Coveted currently has 16 reviews on Amazon, so only 4 more reviews will get you that first glimpse of the third book. If you’re interested in leaving a review, click here to post one on The Coveted’s Amazon page!

Okay, changing gears. Guess what? I just created a Facebook profile. Woohoo! But I have no friends. Boo! If you loved my books and want to be amigos, find me here and friend me, or like my Facebook page! If you’re not a fan of Facebook, check out my Twitter and Goodread’s profiles! I love meeting my readers, and this is just another way for you to finagle free books out of me (hehehe). Here’s my profile if you want to check it out; it’s pretty barren right now, but I’ll try to change that soon.

Hugs and happy reading!

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