Excerpt from The Vanishing Girl

Hi everyone,
I’ve been busy this new year editing my newest project, The Vanishing Girl. It’s the first book in a NA trilogy about a girl who has the ability to teleport. I’ve been super excited to share this book with you, so I felt that I’d share a short excerpt with you:

I joined the loose crowd of people waiting to get on the bus and tried to look inconspicuous. It didn’t work.
Just as I reached for my MUNI pass, a hand caught my wrist and dragged it behind me.
“I don’t think so, tiger.” The voice was low and sexy, and I could hear the smile in his words. That did nothing but piss me off.
“What. The fuck?” I said. Loudly.
We San Franciscans are the people’s people, loving, forward thinking, and ready to fight for the underdog. I just hoped those who watched saw me as that.
Apparently, some did. Two separate men who’d been waiting to board the bus now stepped towards us.
The man detaining me slid my backpack off, grabbed my other arm and tugged it behind me. “Nice try,” he whispered into my ear. I could just tell by the way he spoke that he was good looking. And he knew it too.
To the men in front of us my captor said, “I have a warrant for this young lady’s arrest. Get involved and I’ll get a warrant for yours.” That was enough to dismantle my rescue mission. Looking somewhat regretful, both men backed away and eventually boarded the bus.
I glanced down at my captor’s shoes. Unlike the other agents, he wore casual tennis shoes and jeans. That’s why I hadn’t noticed him inside the building. I wondered if he’d been watching me the entire time.
I tensed my leg, visualizing myself slamming my foot into his. I’d enjoy wiping that cocky tone from his voice.
“If I were you, I wouldn’t do that,” he said from behind me, as though reading my mind. “Not only will you get charged for attacking an officer, I’ll have to tackle you to the ground and frisk you.” Again, I could hear the smile in his voice.
 I turned to give him a nasty look, but once I did so, my throat caught. The first thing I noticed was that I had to look up to meet his eyes. I wasn’t short; this guy was just huge, and every inch of exposed skin was muscular and tan.
The next thing I noticed were his dimples, which bordered a self-satisfied smirk. Disheveled, golden hair curled along his hairline. Someone so annoying didn’t deserve to look that good.
Hazel eyes watched me, and judging by the laugh lines that creased the corners of them, he found me amusing.
“Enjoying the view, princess?”
Screw the extra charges. I brought my foot up and slammed it down into his.
“I was hoping you’d do that.” He swept my feet out from under me, and I slammed into the ground.
A second later my captor’s hard torso pressed into mine. We made eye contact for a moment, just long enough for me to realize that even this up close, he was every bit as beautiful as his voice hinted he’d be, and he couldn’t be much older than me.
He flipped my body over, his knee digging into my back, and he restrained me with plastic handcuffs. He recited my Miranda Rights as he frisked me, spending an inordinate amount of time feeling up my back pockets.
Around us, people stared, some taking photos and videos with their smartphones.
So much for my grand escape. 

If you enjoyed that excerpt, make sure to check out The Vanishing Girl on Goodreads. I’m aiming to have this out by March if not sooner, so keep an eye out for more information on it!


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