Up Next: The Vanishing Girl

Now that The Coveted has hit shelves, it’s time to announce the next book to be released: The Vanishing Girl. Some of you have asked about this novel—specifically when it’s coming out and what it’s about. So, I’ll begin with the book’s teaser:


I have a secret. A secret I’ve hid for the last five years. 

I can teleport. 

It happens the moment I fall asleep. I wake up somewhere in the world—London, Paris, my crush’s bedroom. I don’t decide the destination, my dreams do. Ten minutes. That’s all I get before I vanish back into my bed. 

I have a secret. A secret I’ve hid for the last five years.

But now someone knows.


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The Vanishing Girl is the first book in a three book trilogy I have planned. Unlike The Unearthly series, this book has a science fiction slant, although I will say it straddles the fence between science fiction and fantasy. In addition, it’s a new adult (NA) book, rather than young adult (YA). 

I’m working on a more fleshed out description of the story at the moment, so for now, if you want a little more information on the project, click here to be directed to another post I wrote on this book. The Vanishing Girl should be out by late winter/early spring.

And what about The Cursed, the next book in The Unearthly series? It’s in my queue, which means that it’s coming out right after The Vanishing Girl. I’ll post more on that soon, along with the playlist for The CovetedUntil then, 

Happy reading,

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