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The Coveted: Out December 13

It’s official—I’ve managed to move up my publication date a month. The Coveted will be available as of Friday, December 13. For all those of you who have taken me up on a free prerelease copy of The Coveted , I’ll be sending out an email this week with the .MOBI file! I can’t wait to share it with you all. But for now, here’s a teaser to hold you over: The séance was being held in one of the main library’s back rooms. As Oliver, Leanne, and I passed the rows of cloth-bound, gold-leafed books, I saw Lydia Thyme, Peel’s head librarian. Our eyes met and she winked at me. I smiled and nodded back. Not so long ago she’d helped me when I desperately needed it. I wasn’t sure which side of good and evil she fell on, but I also wasn’t sure I had the luxury of defining my world by such absolutes any longer. At the back of the library there was a series of doors, one which was propped open. The three of us slipped inside. A group of students already sat in seats place

Holiday Giveaway of The Coveted

Hi readers! So I’ve been thinking long and hard about how I want to celebrate the holidays with you and extend to you my thanks. And I found just the way to do it. For those of you who are interested in receiving a free, pre-released copy of The Coveted for your e-reader, all you have to do is this: Read The Unearthly and write a review for it on Amazon . It can be two lines long. It can even—though I cringe while I write this—be a negative review (though why you’d want to put yourself through another one of my books is beyond me!). :) Mosey back over here and click on my contact page, or enter in this address: . In the body of the email, paste your review and the username you posted it under so that I can confirm your review for you. Once your review is confirmed, you’ll receive a reply from me with the .MOBI file of The Coveted . If your e-reader is not a Kindle, let me know what it is that you use, and I’ll send you the appropriate versio

Character Interview

The lovely Angela Mcpherson has posted The Unearthly character interview on her blog along with the first chapter of The Coveted . If you’re interested in learning more of your characters or getting a sneak peak of the beginning of The Coveted , click on this link and check it out! Hugs, Laura

Character Interview and First Chapter of The Coveted

Want to know a little more about your favorite characters from The Unearthly ? Tomorrow author Angela Mcpherson of Hope’s Decree will be posting a character interview on her blog . And, to sweeten the pot, she’ll also be posting the first chapter of The Coveted. That means that if you missed the Halloween sneak peak of the first chapter, you can still read it at Angela’s site! Happy reading! Laura