The Description of The Coveted

So I finally got my butt into gear and finished the description of The Coveted. Here it is:

“In places that know more about heaven and hell than we do, you have a reputation, Gabrielle. To them you are known as the devil’s consort.”

When a body shows up near Peel Academy, all signs indicate the killer is a vampire. Ravaged throat, body drained of blood. At least that’s all it appears to be when the Politia, the supernatural police force, assigns Gabrielle to the case. Now it’s Gabrielle’s job to figure out who did it. 

But after a second body turns up with the same lethal wounds, it’s clear that a serial killer is stalking the island. The murders have compromised the truce between the Politia and vampires, and as long as the killer roams free, it is in danger of dissolving. If that happens, no vampire is safe from persecution, not even Gabrielle. 

Now Gabrielle must team up with Andre, her soulmate and the one person she’s tried to stay away from, to investigate the murders before the truce dissolves. And keeping her distance is proving to be impossible.

But Gabrielle has a bigger problem. The world of the dead know about her, and their whispers hint that something is coming for her. And it’s coming soon.


I’m still working with my cover designer on the cover, but I should have the cover up within another month. However, The Coveted is now up on Goodreads, so if you’re interested in reading it, you can now mark it as “To Read.”

Lastly, I’m still scheduled to release the first chapter of The Coveted on October 31 to those on my mailing list, so if you want a sneak peek of the sequel, make sure to sign up for my mailing list with the form on the right.


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