So, I'm WAY late on the bandwagon with this one, but I'm very excited to welcome any and all interested readers to my street team!

What's a street team?
Essentially, a street team is a group of fans that spread the word about my books. In a day and age where technology is king, word of mouth is still an author's best way to connect with potential readers.

If you like free print books, swag, and Amazon gift cards (let's be real--that last one's a no brainer) and you'd like to take a more active role in promoting my books, this is for you!

What are the benefits?
So, I'm going to be honest, it took me this long to start a street team because I'm allergic to asking things of people. So, because I know that as part of my street team I'm going to be asking you to take time out of your day to help spread the word about my novels, I wanted to give back to you. Here are some perks to being on my street team:

  • Two $15.00 Amazon gift cards raffled off per month 
  • Giveaways for signed copies of my books (because, boooooks!)
  • Promotional materials to pass out 
  • Promotional materials to keep (yas!)
  • Priority ARCs (Advance Review Copies) of my latest books

What are the tasks you're putting me up to, ya wench?
Here are some things I'll ask of my street team: 

  • Join my Facebook reader discussion group (you can do so anyway here)
  • Order my novels the week they come out
  • Place an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads when new books are released
  • Tell your friends and family about my books (give them swag to share!)

  • Place promotional materials in businesses (coffee shops, libraries, study halls, etc.) with their permission.
  • Request copies of my novels at your local bookstores and libraries--include the title, my name, and ISBN/link (which you can find on my book's Amazon page)
  • Manage fan pages on Facebook, Goodreads, etc.

Regardless of whether you choose to participate, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You all are what make my job so amazing, and I'm so happy that I get to rock out (aka, nerd out) with all you cool cats.

Where do I join?
Why, I'm so glad you asked! You can sign up here!

Hugs and happy reading!