Thursday, June 30, 2022

Bewitched (Bewitched #1) Cover Reveal and Teaser

So, since The Four Horsemen series ended, I've been hard at work on my next project, a three book series (plus two novellas) that takes place back in the same world as my Bargainer series and my Unearthly series. (An entirely new set of characters, but they exist in the same shared universe.)

Bewitched is the first book in this new series, and I'm so excited to share the cover of it with you all! I've been sitting on this one for over a year, and when I tell you it's been hard not to share this one early ... I really mean it! 

Included below is the cover, the book's description and an (unedited!) teaser taken from the book. I'm tentatively planning on releasing this book around November/December 2022. (But I'm leaning more towards November!) It will be up for pre-order closer to its release date, but until then, you can add the book to your "To Read" list on Goodreads by clicking here. I will also be sending out emails with updates on this book and series, so if you want to stay up to date on it, please consider joining my mailing list (link to it on the top right); I only send out emails for pre-orders, cover reveals, and releases, so I promise there's no spamming involved! 

Now, are you all ready for a cover reveal? 


Here it is in 3 ... 2 ... 1...

The cover is designed by the incredible K.D. Ritchie of Story Wrappers. I think I might've gasped when she sent this to me. 

Now, read on for the book's description and a teaser!

Bewitched Description

Come to me, Empress …

It was supposed to be a simple magic quest, one that would get a witch like me accepted into Henbane Coven. I was never supposed to survive a plane crash, nor was I supposed to discover an ancient tomb and the beautiful, sleeping man trapped inside it.

I knew you would come, my queen. I knew it wasn’t true. It couldn’t be. A love like ours defies everything. I am yours forever …

I definitely wasn’t supposed to wake Memnon the Cursed.
I probably shouldn’t have kissed him either.

You were my everything, and you betrayed me …

Now I fear I’ve unleashed an ancient evil on the world, one who has set his wicked sights on me. And despite his good looks and the beguiling pull of his magic, this terrifying supernatural thinks I’m some long-dead wife who betrayed him, and as payback, he’s determined to take every last thing I care about from me—my heart included.

Unless I stop him first.

Bewitched is the first book in the NA Paranormal Romance trilogy by Laura Thalassa.

Teaser 1 from Bewitched

Resting inside the sarcophagus is a man—a stunning, flawless man. His eyes are closed and his chest is still, and yet his olive skin has a ruddy, sun-kissed appearance as though he were out in the sun merely hours ago instead of Goddess knows when.

At the sight of him, I feel my magic gather over my heart. The sensation is sharp, and it takes my breath away even as my cheeks flush and my heart races.

The voices begin to murmur again.

Release him …

My pulse is picking up and my breath is coming faster and faster. I’d like to say it’s fear I feel, but the truth is that whatever force drove me here now craves to touch this man. Memnon the Cursed.

Wake him …

I stare at his thick, dark lashes and his high cheekbones. My gaze moves to his nose, which is ever so subtly hooked. His coarse brown hair curls around his ears, and his lips … I can already tell those full, curving lips were made for wetting panties and ruining girls’ hearts.

A wicked scar cuts from the corner of his left eye towards his ear before sharply plunging down towards the edge of his jaw. It screams violence—as does the dagger near his hip and the tarnished scale armor he wears.

Memnon seems like he was a badass.

My gaze returns to his face. I’m filled with the strangest sort of longing, like my heart is shattering and reforming, and I feel the most unnerving tug on my chest.

Touch him … free him … Rouse him from his deathless sleep …

After a moment’s hesitation, I tentatively reach out and press my fingertip to the edge of that scar, near his eye.

I nearly pull my hand back when the skin gives beneath my fingers. It has the icy chill of death clinging to it, but it’s—it’s supple the way living skin is.

Help him … only you … only you …

Slowly I trace the scar, following the line of it to his ear, then down, down to the edge of his jaw. My hand brushes against his hair, and there is an ache in me so deep. So, so deep.

Free me … little witch … please …

The whispers have coalesced back into that single male voice, the same one that called me here.

How long I have waited … for you … only you …

I place my hand against the man’s cheek, ignoring the growing warmth I feel beneath my palm and that little voice inside me screaming at me to run from this place.

Instead, I draw in a sharp inhale, then breathe out a single command. “Obut’iweyk.”



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Friday, June 24, 2022

Bewitched (Bewitched #1) Updates

So, it has come to my attention that I have a lot of updates to tell you all about, and I haven't mentioned a peep about any of them. Well, maybe a peep, but not much more.

In general this year I’ve had so much less time to do all the writing things, so I’ve committed myself to doing them and sacrificing a lot of my social media presence (which is where I place all my updates). Getting off of social media has done amazing things for me, but I also love chatting with you all and getting excited about all my upcoming projects. The biggest one is the first book in my upcoming series, Bewitched.

Bewitched is takes place in the same shared world as my Bargainer series and my Unearthly series, though it has totally new characters! It has witches, curses, ancient evil, romance, spice, and murder! I’m in love with this book. I’m just about to finish the first draft, and then I will go back and do edits … or work on the novella that will follow it. Did I mention there are going to be three books and two novellas in this series? And all of them are about Selene Bowers and Memnon the Cursed (versus a new character in each book).

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing teasers with you, but for now … who wants a cover reveal?

(Psst, it’s a rhetorical question—it’s going to happen sometime next week. I cannot fricking wait! Hope you’re half as excited about it as I am. I’ve been sitting on this cover for a year and the secrecy has practically killed me.)


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Four Horsemen Bonus Story Now Available for Pre-Order

Hey all!

Okay, I'm squealing now that I finally get to share this news I've been sitting on for the last couple weeks. I'm so excited to announce that I'm releasing a story in Nightingale, a charity Anthology, which releases on April 5! It will be available in ebook and paperback formats, though the paperback version won't be available until April 5, most likely.

My story will be bonus content from my Four Horsemen series. It will follow one of the horsemen couples, though I won't say which! The story takes place after the end of Death (The Four Horsemen #4), so just be aware of that before diving in, since there will be spoilers. Did I mention that 100% of the royalties will be going directly to organizations giving humanitarian aid to Ukraine? For more
details please read on! 💙 💛

NIGHTINGALE is a romance anthology with over FIFTY original, never-before-seen stories from bestselling authors. 100% of the royalties will be donated to relief and human rights organizations working in Ukraine. NIGHTINGALE is only available for a limited time, so one-click your copy before it's gone.

AUTHORS INCLUDE: Katee Robert, Siobhan Davis, Robin Covington, Xio Axelrod, Vanessa Vale & Renee Rose, Terri E. Laine, Lucy Lennox, C Hallman & J.L. Beck, Sara Ney, Willow Winters, Rebecca Yarros, Sienna Snow, Ana Huang, Willow Aster, Pepper Winters, Piper Rayne, Rebecca Zanetti, Honey Meyer, Alta Hensley & Livia Grant, Samantha Chase, Parker S. Huntington, T.K. Leigh, Kate Canterbary, Laura Thalassa, Carian Cole, Natasha Knight & Ashleigh Zavarelli, Rina Kent, Jennifer Probst, Lauren Rowe, Rachel Van Dyken, Karla Sorenson, Claudia Burgoa, Kelsey Clayton, Helena Hunting, Aleatha Romig, K.A. Linde, Carly Phillips, Meredith Wild & Chelle Bliss, Kelly Elliott, Brenda Rothert, A.L. Jackson, Jenika Snow, Katie Ashley, Amo Jones, Susan Stoker, Harloe Rae, L.B. Dunbar, Gina Maxwell, Tijan, Amelia Wilde, Skye Warren, Penny Reid, Susannah Nix, Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti, Ilsa Madden Mills, Dylan Allen, Kandi Steiner, Raine Miller, Toni Aleo, Natalie Wrye, Debra Anastasia, Brittney Sahin, Heidi McLaughlin, Melanie Moreland, Jay Crownover, Catherine Cowles, Roni Loren, Shantel Tessier, Aly Martinez, Julia Kent, Rebecca Yarros, Jennifer Probst

All royalties from this project will be donated to relief and human rights organizations working in Ukraine. We aren't affiliated or endorsed by these charities. We are simply authors who want to help.

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Hugs and happy reading!