Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Damned Teaser #2

So I promised eons ago that I'd have more teasers up for The Damned (The Unearthly #5). This is the final book in The Unearthly series, and it hits shelves on November 15. I'll be putting one more teaser up here before The Damned's release, so make sure to keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks! Without further ado, here's the second teaser:

The Damned, Teaser #2
As the devil led me through the castle, he gestured to some of the doors we passed. “Torture chamber. Torture chamber. Conference room. Torture chamber.”

“I’m noticing a theme here,” I said.

He smirked but said nothing. His shoes clicked against the stone floor. I’d come to hate the sound of them.

The walls here, also made out of the same dark stone as the rest of the castle were carved with faces of gargoyles and demons, and if I stared long enough, I could swear those faces moved.

We halted when we came to an elaborately carved door. Hades pushed it open and stepped aside so I could enter.

The room was hexagonal, just like the one I woke up in, and, like the rest of the palace I’d seen so far, it was decked out in black. On the far side of the room, the walls opened up to an opulent balcony. And in the center of the room was a canopy bed. Gauzy swaths of semi-transparent material hung from each post.

“Another torture chamber?” I asked.

He stepped in close behind me, his lips a breath away from me. “Not quite. This is one of our bedrooms.”

My stomach dropped at his words while my connection … my connection flared to life.

“What’ve you done?” I whispered.

He came around to face me. As he did so, our connection throbbed. The devil’s—shit, Hades—and mine. “Many things, little bird. Elucidate me on which you’re accusing me of.”

I edged away from him and clutched my heart, which thumped beneath my hand. I had no time to marvel over the fact that I once again had a heartbeat. “Why do I feel you here?” I asked.

He took another step forward. “You were made for me.”

Not an answer.

“But, Andre—”

“Do not speak the vampire’s name to me,” the devil hissed.

How could this happen? Making a deal with the devil, coming to hell, that was one thing. But to be bonded to this man, to have a part of me joined with him …

Sickness rose within me. My body had betrayed me in the most fundamental way.

“Come, my queen.”


He took my hand without asking and our surroundings disappeared, only to be replaced with those of a grand dining room.

Hades led me to an intricately wrought chair. I sat, thinking he would take his own seat, but instead he knelt in front of me.

“I will take care of you and cherish you the same way I do my power,” he said.

I searched his eyes. They were beautiful, just like the rest of his features. Beautiful, foreign and frightening.

“Why?” I asked. The devil wasn’t supposed to have a caring side. He was sadness and despair and loneliness and anger and violence and—

He sighed. “I can burn away a soul but apparently not your human misconceptions. You think I’m incapable of anything but hate and pain.”

You are.

“I am everything and nothing,” he continued. “Cultures have never agreed on a definition of me because I exceed language and logic. But, know this, Gabrielle: I am not the devil. Not with you.”

“Then what are you?”

“Your soulmate.”


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Hugs and happy reading!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reaping Angels Is Now Out!

Hi all!

Reaping Angels is now live, and you can find it here! I hope you enjoy X and Angel's story. It's the first time I've ever written a superhero story, and if you asked me two years ago if I'd ever write a story like this, I would've said, "Pssh, no way!" And here we are. Never say never, I guess!

So the nitty gritty: Angel's a superhero whose touch can heal. The Executioner--or X, for short--is a supervillain who kills with his touch. Their paths cross, he touches her, she doesn't die, he becomes a stage five clinger, and the rest you'll have to read! :) Here's the official blurb:

There are few things superhero Angel wants in life. World peace. Unlimited chocolate banana milkshakes. Spandex outfits with pockets. What she doesn’t want is the attention of the Executioner, a supervillain who kills with his touch. 

But the moment she survives a caress—and a kiss—at the mercy of his lethal skin, Angel realizes her problems just got a whole lot bigger. Because the only thing worse than a supervillain who wants to kill you is one who wants to keep you.

I had a blast writing this, and originally it was part of an anthology whose proceeds benefited the Wounded Warriors Project (so if you bought the anthology and read my story there, please save yourself the money of repurchasing it--the stories are the same). This is also a standalone--my first!--so I won't be leaving you hanging for months waiting on a sequel.

In other news, tomorrow marks the one month countdown until The Damned (The Unearthly #5) hits shelves! Keep your eyes open for teasers. (I have two coming your way in the next couple weeks!)

Hugs and happy reading!

Friday, October 2, 2015

All You Need to Know About My Upcoming Books: 2016 Schedule

So this is a pretty big post. Two nights ago I finished a marathon editing spree for The Damned (The Unearthly #5), and I was getting giddy about sharing it with you. I'd given myself until the end of September to finish it, and at 11 p.m. two nights ago ... I finally, finally accomplished my goal (by the skin of my teeth!). I can't wait to share more teasers with you, and in my upcoming posts, I'll expand on discussing The Unearthly series with you.

Now that I can actually think about something other than Andre, Gabrielle and the gang, I realized I had some major book news I needed to share with you all. For those of you who want info on certain upcoming novels, I've sectioned these off by series.

2016 Schedule

The Fallen World Series
The Queen of Traitors will hit shelves January 15, 2016. My super big news? I've decided to expand this series into a trilogy! Originally I'd planned on a duology, but to make a short story long, The Queen of All that Dies was originally intended to be a prequel to another book idea that had sunk its talons in me. TQOATD (terrible acronym!) was essentially this backstory that got so out of hand I decided to make a book out of it. The trouble was, this prequel got off track--the characters staged a coup, and the novel didn't end up anywhere near where I'd wanted it to.

Because of this, I'd decided to make a separate sequel to The Queen of All that Dies (what you all know as The Queen of Traitors), but when I began outlining this sequel, the novel kept leading back to my original idea. So all of this explanation is essentially to tell you that my original idea will be book three in The Fallen World series. I have a name picked out for it, and I'll share it with you at the end of The Queen of Traitors!

Want to know the extra good news? I'm planning to write book three on the heels of The Queen of Traitors, and I'm setting a tentative release date for April 15, 2016. This date could change. But I couldn't bear putting you all through another year-long wait!

In another month or so I'll be releasing the cover of The Queen of Traitors, along with another teaser, so keep your eyes open for this!

For those of you siren and fairy lovers out there, Rhapsodic is my next adult paranormal romance novel that will feature both of these creatures! I've tentatively scheduled this release for July 15, 2016! I can't wait to share Callie and The Bargainer's story with you!

Surprise Book
October/November 2016
Um, this is sort of a placeholder for literally over a dozen different book ideas that are bouncing around my head. If you have any preference--young adult, new adult, paranormal, sci-fi, etc.--that you'd like to see from me, let me know! I can't say that you'll get what you asked for, but I always welcome feedback from my readers since I often have no clue what you all are excited for until you hit me upside the head with it! :) This also might be when I publish sequels to my ongoing series.

The Curse Catcher
At some point in 2016 I, along with dozens of other authors, am publishing a novella as a part of The Complex series. I'm not sure how much I can say on this subject but I will tell you a little bit about my story. Like Reaping Angels, while this is a novella, it'll still be about two-thirds to three-fourths the length of my regular novels, meaning that you shouldn't get through it in an hour, (unless you're Speedy Gonzales when it comes to reading) and you can still expect a long-ish story with a full plot. Ugh, I so badly want to tell you what this story is about because I'm ridiculously excited about it, but I'll hold off until the group's ready to make a big announcement. The title might also change. However, I've added a tentative page for The Curse Catcher up on Goodreads, and you can add it to your "To-Read" list here. Here's a quick teaser description I wrote up for it:

An ancient beast’s cravings have awoken, and now they must be fed.

Locked away in a prison meant to hold an immortal, a creature’s inhuman screams pierce the air. Something batters the walls of its cage, denting them from the inside out.

A sacrifice is chosen to slake the creature’s enduring hunger. She knows the rules. Death to all that pass into the beast’s lair. Only, she’s not planning on dying.

And the beast’s not planning on letting her go.

**This is not a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.**

Alrighty, I think that's all the info I have for now. I know I didn't mention anything about The Disappearing Act (The Vanishing Girl #3). That's because based on my contract with Skyscape, Amazon's young adult publishing house, I have to wait a certain number of months before I publish the novel. I'm angling to get the third and final novel in the series published either at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017, but I can't give any set dates since the release is so far out.

Hugs and happy reading!