Thursday, January 23, 2020

Famine Teaser #2

Famine Teaser 

Hey guys! So, I'm crossing my fingers that this teaser pops up without any issues because when I originally tried to post it, I had all the issues. (I can't decide if technology has backslid in the last few years, or if I'm simply getting old ... I'm sure it's the technology ;)

I thought I'd share another Famine teaser with you all! This is unedited and subject to change between now and the book's release. Apologies for any errors you spot! Enjoy!

Five years ago 

The chilly air pricks at my bare skin. I don’t dare take my shirt back from the horseman, even though I’m cold to the bone. I begin to shiver, my teeth clicking together.

“You’re cold.” His husky voice seems as though it’s pulled from the darkness itself.

“I’m okay.”

“Lay next to me.”

I stare at where I think his eyes are. His words coil low in my belly. I can tell he doesn’t mean to make the offer sexual, but between that rough voice and the fact that our torsos are both bare, my mind can’t help going there. I’ve never laid next to a man who I wasn’t related to.

“You’re hurt,” I say. “I don’t want to jostle—”

“If you were worried about jostling my injuries, you wouldn’t have dragged me damn close to the point of death.”

Er, fair point.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt you,” I say. “I was trying to help you.”

He grunts, though I have no clue whether he believes me or not.

“I … couldn’t leave you,” I admit, picking at a fingernail. The room is quiet for a long moment. Then—

“Lay down next to me.”

I stare at him again, running my teeth over my lower lip.

“I don’t trust you,” I confess.

“That makes two of us.”

I make a disbelieving noise. “I saved you.”

“If this is your idea of saving a man—” His voice cuts off and he takes a ragged breath, “then I don’t want to know what your idea of punishment is.”

“I can’t believe—” My teeth chatter, “I actually felt bad for you. You’re an ass.”

“Fine,” he says, “stay cold.”

I glare at his form in the darkness. It’s clear he’s done talking.

I last maybe another fifteen minutes before I curse under my breath, then scooch over to his side. I bump into something wet and gooey.

The horseman hisses in a breath.

Shit— “Sorry!” I apologize.

He grunts again.

Gingerly I lay myself down next to him, bumping his arm twice more on accident. Each time he makes a low, pained sound.

Bet he’s regretting his offer now.

My bare skin presses against the side of his torso. The only place to put my head is on his shoulder. This is how lovers sleep, nestled in each other’s arms.

“Don’t get any ideas,” I warn him, as though he’s the one with the dirty thoughts.

“Because your flesh is so tempting right now,” he quips.


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P.S. This book is coming spring 2020!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Famine Description and Teaser

The description for Famine (The Four Horsemen #3) is here! In addition to that, I decided to throw in a little teaser! To be honest, I debated whether or not to share this teaser with you all since I'm still at the stage of the novel where it's all a hot mess, and a lot will probably change. Still, I figured I'd give you a tiny snippet to hold you over until the new year. Enjoy!

Famine Description
Ana de Silva always assumed she’d die young, she just never expected it to be at the hands of Famine, the haunting immortal who once spared her life so many years ago. But if the horseman remembers her at all, he must not care, for when she comes face to face with him for the second time in her life, she’s stabbed and left for dead.
Only, she doesn’t quite die.
If there’s one thing Famine is good at, it’s cruelty. And how these blighted bastards deserve it. Try as he might, he can’t forget what they once did to him. But when Ana, a ghost from his past, corners him and promises pain for what he did to her, he’s captivated enough to spare her life.
That should be the end of things.
It’s not.
In spite of themselves, Ana and Famine are drawn to each other. But at the end of the day, the two are enemies. Nothing changes that. Not one kind act, not two. And definitely not a few steamy nights. But whatever they are, if they don’t stop themselves soon, heaven will.

Famine Teaser

“Put me down,” I say, a tremor in my voice.
“So you can stab me again?” He huffs out a laugh. “I don’t think so.”
He crosses the room with me in his arms. I can hear the sound his boots make as they step through puddles of blood.
The only people who are left besides me are his men. They stare stoically at the carnage, but inside they must be freaking out. I know I’m freaking out, and I’ve already seen several examples of this horseman’s work.
“Why are you the way you are?” I whisper.
Mean. Evil.
A muscle in his jaw jumps. He glances down at me. “Why are you the way you are?” he retorts. “You fucking stabbed me in my hand.”
“So you killed an entire room for it?”
“I was going to kill them anyway.”


P.S. I'm hoping for a spring release!

Monday, October 14, 2019

The Audiobook for War is Now Out (Oh, and Some Other News too!)

Hey there readers! So excited to give you all the updates! Since this is a long and rambling post (I figured it's nice to have one of those every once in awhile!), here's the Spark Notes version:

The Long Post Begins ...

Now that you've all officially been warned, let's do this long-ass update!

Happy October! It's officially my favorite month because so many of my favorite people have birthdays this month, including my son, whom I just gave birth to at the beginning of the month! October also kicks off the holiday season, and then there's Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year (which is probably no surprise coming from an author who writes paranormal books!).

And with this time of year, I have all the updates. First, there's the audiobook for War (The Four Horsemen #2)!

The Audiobook for War (The Four Horsemen #2) is Now Out

I'm so incredibly excited to share with you all that you can now click below to download the audiobook for War from the following retailers:

War on Amazon
War on Audible
War on Apple Books

The incredibly talented Susannah Jones, who narrated Pestilence and The Bargainer series, also narrates War, and as usual, she just brings the story and characters to life! I can't wait for you all to hear it!

Famine and Other Current Book Projects

For those of you who watch my writing progress bars (on the right side of my website), you'll see that I'm working on several projects at the moment, and--gasp--Famine is not the one in the lead! What fresh hell is this?! Hehe, the truth is, the months between the July release of War and my October due date was a weird time for me--too short to write a book, but too long to not write either. So I ended up using that time to write whatever I was inspired by at the moment.

Now that I've had my baby, I'll be focusing my attention on Famine. That being said, I'm one of those aggravating authors that let's the Muse lead the way. I write fairly slow, so if one idea is pouring out of me and another isn't, I'll go with the one that most demands my attention. It's this writing tactic that's responsible for Pestilence's existence in the first place, since that definitely wasn't the book I was supposed to write at the time!

As for the two secret projects I'm working on. I'm still not ready to reveal much about them, but let me just say I'm so freaking excited for them!

ApollyCon Virtual Signing

For those of you looking to own signed copies of my novels, I'm so excited to announce that you can buy signed copies of all my print books here on the ApollyCon Virtual Signing Bookstore.

What is this, exactly? The ApollyCon Virtual Signing Bookstore is a bookstore hosted by ApollyCon, a book conference I will be signing at in March 2020 in Washington, D.C. If you can't make it but would like signed copies of any of my novels, you can head over to to this online bookstore and order the books of mine you want signed. Then, when I attend the conference in March of next year, I sign the books and they'll be shipped off to you.

***Be aware that if you order through this bookstore, you won't receive your books until March of next year.***

Folk of the Air Read Along

Last but not least, I'm so excited to announce that I'll be participating in a read along of Holly Black's Folk of the Air series (Cruel Prince, Wicked King, and Queen of Nothing) alongside several other awesome authors and artists. There will be author takeovers and giveaways (some of which are already happening now!). We have an event page on Facebook, and you can click here to join!


Phew! That's it as far as updates go! I can't wait to share more of my progress on my latest books. Until then--

Hugs and happy reading!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

War (The Four Horsemen #2) is Out Now!

War (The Four Horsemen #2) is now out!!! You can find it here.

Oh my gosh, I can hardly believe it’s out myself! There were weeks where I wasn’t sure this book would EVER finish. But I’m SO excited to share it with you all! There’s a lot I want to say about War and Miriam, but I’ll keep this short because if you are, in fact, planning on snagging a copy of War, then you have a lot of reading ahead of you already! I’ll probably do a Facebook Live post in another week or two—once people have read the book—to chat with you all about War. Until then, I hope you enjoy the book! Oh, and here are a few updates on the other versions of the book:

Paperback and Audiobooks
I’m still in the process of getting the paperback book formatted. Only once I know the book’s official page count will my cover designer be able to make the wraparound cover for War. (The width of the book spine depends on the number of pages in the book.) I have no clue how long it will take—my husband formats my books, and he was going to do it earlier this week, but our daughter caught a nasty stomach bug, and the two of us have had to take time off of work to take care of her, so it’s delayed this a bit. Once we’re back in the office full-time, he’ll get it formatted, and then it’s just a matter of finishing the cover. That all being said, the paperback version will probably be out a few weeks from now. I will let you all know once it’s available to purchase.

As for the audiobook, this one will take a bit longer. My lovely narrator, Susannah Jones, won’t be able to start working on the book until August, and honestly, once that begins, it takes about two to three months for the book to be recorded, edited, proofed, and then approved for sale. So I imagine it’ll be out in the fall. Sorry in advance for the delays! Again, I will let you all know once it’s ready!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your readership. It truly means the world to me that you have all taken a chance on my books. Here’s to hoping War is everything you hoped it would be!

Hugs and happy reading,

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

War Will Release July 11

Sorry I've been MIA on here! For the last several weeks--okay, let's be honest, for the last several months--I've been manically trying to finish this novel for you all. Originally it was supposed to be released in April ... then that date got pushed to May ... then I was determined to get it to you all by June ... and here we are in July. It's finally, finally at a place where I can give it a hard release date, and July 11 is approximately 9 days from now--yippee!!!

I think I've briefly mentioned that some of my release schedule setbacks have had to do with personal issues. I had a solid three months of back-to-back flus, colds, and infections that my dear, sweet spawn gave me, so the shear number of sick days I had to take this winter and spring was staggering. Combine that with a few personal tragedies and a high risk pregnancy (still pregnant over here, and I'm missing coffee like it's a limb I've lost), and the time's just slipped by me. 

That's all sort of an apology and an explanation wrapped into one. I don't usually share my personal stuff on here, but sometimes I'm sure it's nice to hear about the person behind the books! Also, I know I've left you all hanging for a while, but I didn't really want to post anything here until I knew for sure when I was going to release War!

There won't be any pre-orders for the novel, but I will post here and on social media once the book has hit shelves. If you would rather not check back in here, I have a mailing list, and I will be sending out a release day email for War to all my subscribers on July 11. So, if that works better for you, you can join my newsletter! Here's the sign up link. 

If you enjoy teasers, I'll be posting at least one between now and next Thursday on Facebook. (And maybe on Instagram and Twitter too, if I'm particularly on my shit! Hehe!) 

Thank you all for your patience! Big hugs to you all!

Happy reading,

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

War Release Update

AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! War is finally written!!!! YAAAASSSS!!! Alright, trying to rein in my excitement, but I wasn't sure I'd ever get this book fully written. At 129,000 words it's the longest book I've ever written, and over twice as long as the first book I ever published.

Okay, pulling myself together. So, I promised news on this. This is the first part of the news--that the book is completely written. However, I have literally hundreds of edits waiting for me, and two more rounds of editorial read-throughs that I have to do before I pass this baby on to other eyes. In the past, it's taken me a month or two to get through my edits. I don't know if it'll take me that long with this one since my writing process this time around was a little different (aka, my first draft is way more thorough), but it is a much longer book than some of my previous ones.

So, when WILL War be published? Short answer--as soon as I'm done with my edits. Maybe that will be the end of this month, maybe it will be next month. I'll try my hardest to move quickly, but I also want to make sure that the book is as polished as I hoped for it to be before I put it up on Amazon. I hope you all understand!

I'll definitely keep everyone updated. Oh, and here's a mini outtake ... I might actually post more of these in the next few weeks since there are a lot of little passages that I've had to axe! Here it is:

War is a terrible thing; I’ve seen so many people make awful, horrible choices—choices no person should ever have to make.
I’ve made a few myself. 


Monday, February 25, 2019

War: Cover Reveal, Description, and Teaser

Hi readers!

I'm so, so, SO excited to finally share the cover for War (The Four Horsemen #2), along with the description and a teaser! I'm still working on the novel, and I hope to have it out by April/May! From the looks of it, it's going to be a loooooong book. I have my word count bar on the right measuring my progress, and I think it's going to be well over 100,000 words. (I don't know why I can't seem to write a short book these days!)

Alright, onto the really fun stuff!

Cover reveal

Are you ready to meet War? Omg! I'm so giddy to share this one with you! Alright, here it is:

I am absolutely in love with it! The insanely talented Regina Wamba of Mae I Design designed it for me and she deserves all the props!


They came to earth—Pestilence, War, Famine, Death—four horsemen riding their screaming steeds, racing to the corners of the world. Four horsemen with the power to destroy all of humanity. They came to earth, and they came to end us all.

The day Jerusalem falls, Miriam Elmahdy knows her life is over. Houses are burning, the streets run red with blood, and a traitorous army is massacring every last resident. There is no surviving this, especially not once Miriam catches the eye of War himself. But when the massive and terrifying horseman corners Miriam, he calls her his wife, and instead of killing her, he takes her back to his camp.

Now Miriam faces a terrifying future, one where she watches her world burn town by town, and the one man responsible for it all is her seemingly indestructible “husband”. But there’s another side to him, one that’s gentle and loving and dead set on winning her over, and she might not be strong enough to resist.

However, if there’s one thing Miriam has learned, it’s that love and war cannot coexist. And so she must make the ultimate choice: surrender to War and watch humankind fall, or sacrifice everything and stop him.


I wake in War’s arms.

I know it before I open my eyes—even before I fully shake off sleep. I’m far too warm, and I can feel his heavy limbs draped all over me as I lay on my side. Still, when I blink my eyes open, I’m not prepared for the reality of it.

My face is all but buried against his naked chest. This close to him, all I can see are the crimson glow of his markings and endless olive skin. How did this happen?

I glance down between us and—damnit, we’re on his pallet, not mine, which means I scooched over to him at some point in the night, sacrificing my blankets for his thin mat and thick muscles.

My eyes travel up, past the column of his throat, to what I can see of his face.

In sleep, War looks angelic—or, as I prefer, angelically demonic. All his sharp features have been softened. He almost looks … at peace. His jaw isn’t so firm, his lips seem more inviting, and now that I can’t see his dark eyes, he’s not nearly so intimidating.

I stare at him for a long time before I remember that I’m ogling a horseman of the apocalypse and I need to stop.

I also need to get out from under him, for that matter. War’s leg is thrown over mine, and his arm is draped over my side, hugging me to him.

With a little effort, I manage to slip one leg, then the other, out from under his own. When I get to his arm, I try to push it off of me—try being the operative word.

My God, his arm weighs five billion kilos, and it is not giving up its hold on me.

I twist a little with the effort. This ogre.


I take a steadying breath. This is really what I didn’t want. My eyes move to War’s. They’re open now, and so close I can see those flecks of gold in them. There’s a hint of a smile on his lips and a deep look of satisfaction.

“This is your fault,” I say.

He raises his eyebrows. “Is it?”

The horseman doesn’t bother pointing out that we’re on his flimsy excuse of a bed, but he also hasn’t removed his arm. Instead, his hand slides from my back to my ribcage, settling into the dip of my waist. I can tell he’s mapping out the contours of my body. He must like what he’s finding because he looks annoyingly pleased.

“Stay with me, Miriam,” he says. “Sleep in my tent. Make your weapons. Argue with me.”

I search his face. Now that he’s awake, he’s back to looking fierce. It makes it easier to say what I’m about to.

“No,” I say. “I’ll play along and let you call me your wife, but I’m never going to choose you of my own free will.”

War’s grip tightens against my waist. He pulls me in close. “Do you want to know a truth, Miriam? Humans make proclamations all the time. But their oaths are brittle and break with age. I’m not afraid of yours, but you should be afraid of mine for I will tell you this: you are my wife, you will surrender to me, and you will be mine in every sense of the word before I’ve destroyed the last of this world.”